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- Mac OS X native.
- Suited for glider, hang glider and para glider pilots.
- original igc file is saved, so you can always revert to it.
- plot colour coded flight on the map.
- plot declared task on map, and check if the task was successful.
- plot circling and thermal data.
- detailed circling analysis.
- detection of left/right turns.
- dragging the time line in the barogram will move the glider symbol.
- recorded engine noise is plotted in barogram.
- vertical profile of airspace in barogram.
- detection of free flight, release from tow/winch to landing, or engine start/stop. Multiple engine starts can be detected and the largest free flight is calculated.
- Manual adjustment of free flight is possible.
- calculation of largest distance over 1,2,3,4 or 5 waypoints.
- detection of FAI triangle.
- automatic import of Welt2000 database.
- automatic import of elevation data.
- import waypoint files.
- import of airspace files.
- vertical profile of airspace when clicking on the map.
- fully configurable airspace colour and opacity.
- configurable for metres-feet, km/h-kts.
- plan flights with simple clicking and dragging.

Available in the App Store
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By eyeinthesky
Will definitely be checking it out.
By Avolare
Can you make a trail period available?
No reviews yet and I'm too cheap to gamble $19.99 on it.
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By paicolman
Avolare wrote:Can you make a trail period available?
No reviews yet and I'm too cheap to gamble $19.99 on it.
My words... would be nice to be able to try it out first. :oops:
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By raquo
Looks interesting, great to see a dedicated soaring app!

Does it contain airspace data? For which countries? If not, how do I get airspace data into the app?
By koen330
Thanks for the interest.

Airspace data is not provided standard, but can be imported. (waypoints as wel in the .cup format)
The airspace data has to be in the OpenAir format.

These files can be found on relevant soaring sites. A good one is:


There is no trail version, but the app store has a refund policy.


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