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German pilot Bernd Gassner has created a new tool for planning cross-country routes, called Thermix.

The web app combines some of the functionality of Tom Payne’s XC Planner with thermal data from
Thermap and Hotspots as well as track data from flight logs on KK7 and the DHV/XC sites. Airspace is also included.
Bernd, who is an avid pilot as well as an IT expert, has created a comprehensive tool for flight planning.

Thermix is a non-commercial project and is free to use. So get planning your future flights at http://berndgassner.de/thermix/
Just don’t blame us if you waste away too many hours.

See: http://www.xcmag.com/2016/02/new-xc-fli ... ning-tool/

Appears to include Thermal etc info just for European Regions, at least for now.

0 second learning curve. Looking for a help / tips / comments thread for it.
Works well. Recognizes your countries XContest as an example right off the bat.

I was able to go to Vernon BC Canada first crack.
Went back in, was not able to find the way to repeat the process.

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