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By rdufokker
Yes, and how is that pertinent?

I asked the original question because I have been told to use a camera mount. That is nebulous.

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By Andrew Vanis
rdufokker wrote:Yes, and how is that pertinent?
Answer part 1 -

Wondering if this was an actual or a theoretical question.

You see NAV was promising a speed probe was coming "in a few months" since ?2006? (Personal opinion - they were suckering buyers int their not-yet-ready vario)

That you actually have one, not surprisingly, comes with some skepticism. There are numerous posts here on here along the lines of "Hey, there is this NAV and they said a speed thing was gonna be ready soon, should I buy it? It's cheaper than a Flytec." The cheaper thing was debated.

I'm guessing you will see that you may be a pioneer with this product and that Flytec has a (earned and well deserved) following. With a Flytec, you would call or Email Steve and he'd have one and maybe several tried solutions with reasons why one is better than the other - http://www.flytec.com/contact.html

Answer Part 2 -

What mounting does the manufacturer suggest?

What have you considered and why are you unhappy with what you have thought of?

Some pics of the thing so we have a visual to spark ideas.

maybe other pics than this one -


because even they seem to use (from what I can see in the small image above) is this Flytec bracket shown mid page here - http://www.flytec.com/brackets.html#sh

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By Thasiet
When you roll with Flymaster, you need to engineer your own mounting solutions
Andrew Vanis wrote:because even they seem to use (from what I can see in the small image above) is this Flytec bracket
Or just mooch off of the competition's ROFL!
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By rdufokker
Thanks Andrew,

I didn't know the Flytec mount would unscrew and fit the airspeed probe. that was just what I was looking for. If I can't figure out a cheaper good looking solution, thats what I'll go with.

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By Andrew Vanis
you may want to confirm the NAV diameter or thread pitch may be diff.

just curious, what response did you get to your mounting Q when you contacted your NAV dealer or NAV corp?
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By patrick halfhill
You could just donate $25 dollars and see if you win a new 6030 before you put all that work into a new mount
just wanted to let everyone know that we have started fund raising for the first ever U.S. National Sport Class Hang Gliding Team. Because of the generous support from Steve Kroop at Flytec and Kraig at Moyes U.S.A. anyone who donates $25 will be entered in a raffle. Prizes include a Flytec sweatshirt, Moyes Speed Sleeves, a Flytec Sonic, and the grand prize – a Flytec 6030. We anticipate having some other items as well. All proceeds will be used to help the U.S. National Sport Class Team pay for costs associated with competing in the very first FAI Sport Class Hang Gliding World Championship, in Annecy France.

The final team composition is yet to be determined as the invitation letters were sent out to the top ten ranked sport class pilots last week and selectees have to opt in. Pilots were ranked in order from a national Sport Class pilot ranking system similar to the one used to select Open Class pilots for the U.S. Open Class national team, with the added requirement that they meet the qualification requirements specified by CIVL. Kip Stone is ranked first, Matt Christiansen second, I am third, Jonny Thomson is 4th, and Dan Jones is fifth. USHPA anticipates as many as six slots.

This your chance to help the team and maybe get a Flytec 6030 for $25. Sport Class Team members are not eligible for the raffle. To support the U.S. Sport Class Team and be entered in the raffle, a PayPal link is provided below.

https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?c ... F3CTEMSTSC

The raffle drawing will take April 1st.

Read more: http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.ph ... z2xU3iXwEh
By rdufokker
donation made. Go team!!!

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By Mellowmoods
I'll re-open the discussion.

I have a Flymaster TAS probe and have attached it to my downtubes. Problem is that it gets in the way and bumps my helmet when carrying the glider, etc and gets knocked out of place as a result.. I don't want to damage the instrument... is there a better place to put it?
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By Gallo Quirico
I use Gopro's anchorage system. One piece in the TAS and the other stuck in the downtube. (See attached photo)

It is mounted on the bottom of the left downtube in the video.
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By Mellowmoods
That's a GREAT idea! I have gopro mounts to use. Thanks!

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