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The Secrets of using a mobile phone in an emergency / accident: Phone 112 instead: it is an enhanced 911 Emergency System.

Valid in 70 Countries, including North America. Excellent, excellent tips: See the first class educational video below.

Phone 112 for Emergencies:

"Mobile phones are subject to signal variations. Maximize your chances of contacting 911 Emergency Services:
112 is a Special Number programmed into every mobile phone.
If it appears you don't have a connection, the mobile phone will try to connect with other networks.
112 unblocks your cell phone's security, allowing you to access other providers cell coverage if you happen to be outside your provider's coverage area.
It will prioritize your call so it over rides a busy network. It over rides that phone security system too.
It will even allow 911 to contact your pre paid phone and vice versa if you have no credit left.

Here in Canada we dial 112, and wait ± one minute for it to connect. This is not a phone call:
- you are sending a data packet, with your GPS location, Phone Number, Name, Address (if entered into your information on the phone.)
Your phone will automatically hang up AFTER it connects with 911 and it has successfully sent your data packet to them.
Shortly thereafter, 911 will call you back. Again, the information they have on you now includes your exact GPS location. So don't move.

I tested the system today and it works here in Canada. Voice call only for now.
The text messaging function is not built into 911's system... yet here.

See: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/publications/ ... 130705.htm

"72. The ESWG is currently working on a number of tasks, including: implementation of the wireless text messaging to 9-1-1 service; the wireless 9-1-1 in-call location update feature (rebid);12 ongoing evaluation of NG 9-1-1 architecture and standards; and the ongoing review of the wireless 9-1-1 location identification specifications."

So (see audio below) dialing 112 instead of 911 unblocks your cell phone's security and allows you access
to other phone providers cell coverage if you happen to be outside your provider's coverage area.


(I am presently checking with FEMA in the USA to double check that (as an adjunct to 911)
the 112 # really truly is valid in the USA as well
. I have every expectation that this is so.)

In Europe, you have to pre-register for this system to work. Not in Canada as 911 does not accept txt messages yet.
After dialing 112, in Europe Text REGISTER to the 112 reply. To the next reply text the word YES. You are now.
In Europe YOU make the call, wait one minute for it to connect... If no connection, send a text.
Text only takes a few milliseconds to get through and it will keep at it till it connects. Then carry on as above.
This increases your chances of getting through. Wait 3 minutues for the text to reply."

US and European info above aka at: http://www.eena.org/view/en/index.html and http://www.112.ie/ filed here as a holding place for notes here while
I check to see with our MP when and if the text function is coming into place here in Canada

- See also info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/112_%28eme ... _number%29
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By OverloadUT
This works in Europe and Canada.

In the US stick to 911 which does the same thing.

Here's the official site with information on the 112 program: http://www.112.ie/
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By Fred Wilson
Canadian Information, for now:
(The info below is already fully implemented throughout Europe, India and Pakistan... 70 countries in all.)

112 is free, as it is a new high technology addition to the 911 system
which allows you to bypass the security system built into your phone so you can connect to other provider's cellular services
(again) if you are outside the range of your provider's coverage agea.

Secondly, (again) dialing 112 instead of 911 sends a data packet (using software built into all new cell phones) including:
All your personal information in your phone, including name, phone #, GPS Location and... if you have entered it in your cell:
Car type with license number;
Drivers License #;
SIN #;
Passport # (useful when overseas as 112 works in Europe etc... 70 Countries in all.)
- whatever you feel is important to include in your personal ID on your phone's information bank about you, the owner.

Eventually (as quoted above) Dialling 911 will have this built in. For now it is in the 112 data packet.

Eventually (as quoted above) the 112 system will be fully implemented so you can
a) text back and forth bypassing your cell's security system,
b) stay on other service provider's cell networks (if that is all that is available) for two way communications with 911
c) text back and forth, staying on 112, when signal strength is not good enough for voice cell calls.

Incredibly good idea. Great service.
By adolfainsley8
Eventually (as quoted above) Dialling 911 will have this built in. For now it is in the 112 data packet??


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