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By helifrek
Another site I visit alot has a pilot map feature, where in your profile you can add your location to the map and check a box if you would like other people to be able to see your location and allow them to contact you. This is handy for contacting pilots around you and helps newbies find mentors. I am not a computer guru or website builder so I have no idea how hard it would be to add this feature but I would personally love to see it added here. On the other site you basically just zoom in on an area in google maps and dots pop up where there are pilots, you can even add flying fields to the map and hobby shops. It is a very useful tool. What do you guys think?

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By dievhart
Sounds good to me...
I was thinking along those lines a few days ago...I was wondering what would be the best way to find pilots while on a road trip...this would make it simple....we try to plan but sometimes just show up ;-)
I would check the box.
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By helifrek
I should have mentioned that the site I am talking about if for rc pilots (little radio controlled aircraft) :) would be a great tool though to find pilots nearby!
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By fward70
great idea Brandon, I would love the ability to find montors close to home.
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By Willmrx
Yes, that would be Great!! So I can find out where Nomans lives so I can kick his ass! :punch: :punch: :punch: :punch: :punch:
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By Fawkes
Willmrx wrote:Yes, that would be Great!! So I can find out where Nomans lives so I can kick his ass! :punch: :punch: :punch: :punch: :punch:
That is rather easy. Take the road from Modesto to McClure and knock on the door that has this sign on:
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By franchy82
Great idea mate.
Hope to see it soon in this site

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