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By lizzard

I see nothing but pluses here horse power ..no limit
simplicity the most
comfort the best
adapatability the easiest
and a free flight supine harness
a positive hang point connection ,i am convinced from having sail bangers that it helps .

I would like a few negatives from the brains trust here because my mozzie is about to get the hacksaw treatment ,as is my corsair powered nanotrike i wasted so much time getting sweet yet s--- myself when flying over rocky and bushy coastlines.

and this was in 1986 ??

bring me down to earth please!

And bruce if you are about please take a bow ..im still cheering!

By kan-glider
Hi Lizzard;

Sorry, I can't think of a way to "bring you down to Earth" on this.

I too have seen this before and it is VERY appealing. I have been considering making/buying a nano-trike, but this looks way better.

I see only one potential negative, that being the necessity of foot landing. Of course, as you implied, foot landing would the best option for poor landing zone surface conditions. Myself, I would put a good set of wheels on the lower control bar in case I stumbled during a foot landing attempt.

Otherwise, I see nothing but positives:

Supine for comfort


Lightweight - decreases landing/take-off speeds, glide speed, sink rate, impact energy, etc.

Easily transported

Being feet first with control bar ahead of you would prevent your head from getting "pile driven" into the keel. Your lower body/legs/feet can absorb and recover from much more damage than your head/neck. According to what I see in the video, a chest mounted 'chute would cushion the blow as you hit the (upper) control bar in the event of a crash.

It seems to me that this method of powering a hang glider reduces, to the bare minimum, the "machinery" required. I think it is quite an elegant solution.

Doug Bebensee
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By TrikeTrash
Here's a French variation of the same thing, maybe a little more complex. A carbon fiber pod would make this very sweet. Sorry about the photo of a copy of a copy but this is what I have.

side view.JPG
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figure 1-2a.jpg
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By blindrodie
NOW just make one that's battery powered!! :mosh: :mosh:

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