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The T2 keel has an elastic bungee running through the middle of it, so you can't simply remove the tail-end of the keel like you can on the Sport2.
If any of you fly with powered harnesses and T2 (or T2C), do you lay the end of the keel on top of the main part of the keel or do you fold the end of the keel underneath the main keel (and secure it so that it doesn't foul the propeller)?

My bad. Computer dinosaur; I see just newest topics and never noticed the grey bar showing category. :oops:
If it helps: I used to tie the cover bag & pads to the under side of the keel until I got teased too much for it (T2). I don't know how far forward the stinger would reach, but I had a cord through the apex hardware & used a couple velcro straps for the rear.
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