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By lizzard
Hi all,
Doing maintenance on my explorer and checking my shaft bearings I noticed that there does not seem to be anything retaining the shaft bearings other than loctite ,but also noted that the internal spacers on mine do not fit properly and are tearing the seals out of the bearings and wearing the spacer faces and bearing seals at the engine end which are 38 mm od .
The engine end spacer is not secured in any way and is worn into the shape of the bearings which now have damaged seals .
I know there are other makes and I wonder of any body else had this issue with the whole shaft and the outer bearings having no means of support other than just loctite .
I want to modify this with at least a few rivets holding the inner spacers which would mean that the shaft thrust was taken at the bearing on the prop end .
However this may be a warning for the older explorer harnesses having the wrong size spacers .
The result would rob power at the very least.
I also note that there is no commonly available 38 mm tube so I have some empathy for the maker who I know put a lot of effort into this .
I can use tube from old bicycles to sort this ,but before I strip the whole shaft it would be good to get any feedback in case others have this issue as well.
There is no way to inspect this other than to remove the shaft ,but it may a hidden sourse of power loss at the very least .


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