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By Odakyu-sen
With the flying season finally shaping up here in the North Island of New Zealand, some local pilots had a practice day at a glider club airfield some 35 km south of Auckland.
Here are two videos. My Sport2 155 has great handling and excellent thermalling ability under power, but it is a knot or two slower cruising that the Moyes Litesport5.

Day 1

Day 2

I will try my T2 144 (all Dacron sail) with the Mosquito NRG at some stage, but I think that the only advantage will be a slightly higher cruising speed (maybe 4-5 km/h faster). Everything else will be a negative.
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By Odakyu-sen
Brendan tells me that he is just waiting for the batteries, and the electric harness will be ready for field trials. He is hoping for 30 kg of thrust. He has bought a 3-bladed, folding, carbon fiber propeller that is very cool.
I hope that within a couple of months I will be able to post a video of his first flight.

If anyone has any questions to pass on to him, please let me know. (I will suggest that he join this group.)
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