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By Odakyu-sen
The Mosquito NRG Owners Manual states "the normal service life of a spark plug is 200 to 500 hours." ...OK... :-o

A mate of mine who used to fly fixed-wing aircraft swears that I should replace my plug every 10 hours.

What do the rest of you do? (Which of the following categories do you fall under?)

a. I replace my plug every 10 hours, without fail.
b. Every year and/or 30 hours.
c. When it gets "dirty looking" (whatever that means).
d. When the engine gets hard to start.
e. By the Mosquito manual -- 100 hours.
f. I haven't replaced a plug yet.

Any other comments would be appreciated.

i just clean and check gap :thumbsup: if it doesnt seem to be running good.
scootertrash wrote:
Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:36 pm
NGK Iridium. Never worry again.
That's a good idea! I use good 'ol Japanese NGK BPMR7A plugs. What's the code number of the NGK iridium plug that you use for your Radne Racket 120 engine?
I carry a couple of plugs and a plug spanner in the back of the harness, and have to swap plugs if I flood the engine trying to start it.

My starting technique is throttle closed, choke open, jab the starter a couple of times until the engine kicks over. Then choke OFF and quarter throttle. Usually she'll start easily. If she doesn't, I close the throttle and open the choke again. I never open the choke AND the throttle as this floods the engine really easily.
If you have a preferred technique that works really well for you, then let us know.
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