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My Mosquito NRG centrifugal clutch seems to be working well. I have only visually inspected it, and I can't see any signs of oily contamination.
I have heard that some pilots regularly spray the friction surfaces of the centrifugal clutch with brake cleaner (or other de-greasing spray). Is this a common practice?
How often do you take the clutch apart for detailed inspection and cleaning? (I haven't touched mine yet, and my NRG has around 40 hours of airtime since new last May).

I have zero experience with Quito maintenance, but I have lots of experience with brake cleaner as I am an auto-mechanic. Not all brake cleaner is created equal. Some of it is gentle enough to clean your hands with. Some of it is harsh enough to damage plastic. It's not just a matter of concentrations either, they contain different chemicals depending on the brand. If you're using a brand you're not familiar with, be careful where you spray it.
I would add that brake cleaner is an aggressive de-greaser, and it is a very penetrating liquid. Just a few drops, even on a sealed bearing, could cause that bearing to fail in short order. It may be good on the clutch drive itself, but watch out for drips or over-spray, for the nearby bearings.

Brake cleaner is usually flammable, so I would want to let the clutch assembly air-dry for a day or three, before powering up or flying with that "cleaned" clutch.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you feel a clutch starting to slip, it really should be replaced. Unless you know that oil is getting into it, a clutch should not slip when fully engaged. Considering you use it for flying, don't fall for any gimmicks to try and prolong it's life as it may just fail at the worst time. I would replace the clutch pads if I started to notice any slipping when it's fully engaged.
I do not know the specifics of your clutch but in general the clutch has a bronze bushing (oil light). They neen to be cleaned and lubed with motor oil. The correct method one wipes up all the residual oil and it should not fling at all. Cleaning the shoes and bell if needed should be done away from that bronze bushing! PS. never put anything but motor oil on the bronze as it is absorbent and will displace the oil in the bronze.
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