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Does anyone take a tether line with them in case they land out somewhere (and have to go and find gas) or want to take a break? Or do you simply point the glider into wind and lower the nose of the glider onto the ground? (I am talking about a wind strength of on the ground of less than 10 knots.)
I carry a line that I can use to tether my glider on the lee side of a fence, but I have never used it in the field.
One time I landed out (after a one-way cross country). While I waited for my ground crew, I disconnected the harness, and then disconnected the nose wires and laid the glider flat on the ground.
Have any of you tethered your FLPHG after landing in an unfamiliar field? What did you anchor the line to? (A fence? Tree stump?)

Video of that day (didn't film the landing, but the wind on the ground was about 13 knots).

Just a warning: DO NOT put the nose of your glider into the ground. This is a bad ideas in both headwind and tailwinds. In a headwind, your gliders dive recovery system (luff lines) will activate and it will simply launch the nose up and turtle the glider quickly. Similarly for a tailwind, it will send the trailing edge up and turtle the glider even faster. Both cases are bad: don't do it!

Anyways, PSA aside...

I have a rope with me when I fly to tie my nose to something nearby. However, I have not used it in a long time. Maybe I'm afraid the glider will take more damage if it's blown over into a fence than if it turtles in an open field. Whenever I land out, I just turn my glider more than 90 degrees into the wind, so if the wind switches a bit then I don't have to run over and fix it. Id rather have the wind blow down on the sail than send it off tumbling for miles. If I ever encountered strong winds on the ground I would consider tieing it down. Regardless, get the battens out fast, and fold up the wings so you don't have to worry about all that for long!

And I would tie it to a tree or something isolated so it can yaw into the wind a bit without hitting anything.

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