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By Ground Slammer
I am looking into e-power and have some questions the forum might know the answers to. First is power management-does the motor (such as the 150) run on plain DC current? If so I am looking at a self launch and recovery on an ultralight motor glider. I hope that an all or nothing ---power on---power off set up is a can do .
Intermitant to taxi, and clinb or glide in flight. Is this a can do?
Another point is the folding props, what selection is there?
Last I would guess that if I could run battery to switch-switch to motor it will take a special switch, relay, solinoid? Thanks in advance.

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By TjW
Well, technically speaking, no motor uses DC power. Even a brushed DC motor switches it internally.
If you can find a brushed DC motor that works for you, then you, then your blip throttle scheme will work. Be aware that the transient inrush currents on making the connection can be very high, and the voltages generated by breaking the connection of an inductive load like a motor can also be high, so this can be hard on mechanical switches.
But the BrushLess DC (BLDC) motors will use an electronic controller. DC goes in, and 3-phase AC drives the motor.
These are generally made so you can control the power pretty much continuously.
The microcontrollers that do the control algorithms are pretty cheap, but the power transistors that do the switching need to be sized according to the voltage and current that will be used. High power high speed switching can have some gotchas for the amateur. I'd plan on buying a controller.
Power is voltage x current, so for a given power, using a higher input voltage results in a lower input current and vice versa.
Conductors are sized according to the current they carry, so higher voltage means you can run smaller wires, or have less resistive loss.
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