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Hopefully not too dumb of a question. ( I am new) I have opportunity to get a Powered Paraglider setup this spring for a good price. I would like to graduate to a delta hang glider in the future because they can be faster/cover more ground.

I have never seen this done but...
Is it possible to attached the Backpack powered paramotor sea unit to an hang glider setup ?
I can save costs and set in a comfortable position?

I sure there is a glaring reason this but would like to know
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By RobertKesselring
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By miraclepieco
The Trike Buggy uses a PPG motor and cage mounted on a hang glider trike:
chadcav (Small).jpg
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By Nicos
Proper flight training might also give you some information (by the time you're finished). Perhaps first learn to fly (either a PG or HG), then go forth with added complexity of power...
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By dbotos
Seems like it could work provided the prop cage doesn't hit the rear wires or whatever spreader-bar pilot suspension system you're using. This suprone thread might give you some more insight / things to consider:

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