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By flyingfox72
hi guys I'm just wondering does anyone fly a solar wings booster with a wooden prop or does anybody know someone that dose I'm after some info
thanks in advance. martin
By garett21b
Bump. I'm curious also. Hope someone will chime in.
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By combat.is.hell
I have not flown one myself but I know a guy who owned and flew with one. He was not happy with it. He sold it and and bought a Mosquito NRG. After he flew the mosquito he was even more critical about the Booster. The fact that the mosquito has sold over 1300 unit and the booster is lost in history is probably a sign that you should avoid this harness (if you are planning to actually fly with it).
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By flyingfox72
i own a booster i haven't flown any other unit so cant comment . the reason i was asking is because i trashed mine and was hoping for some advice .but with any luck i may have sorted it now subject to trying it.

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