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By Lal
mlbco wrote:
Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:05 am
My friends and I converted my Millennium hang glider to an electric powered ultralight using low cost RC components from Hobby King. The design uses removable twin motors (Turnigy Rotomax 150) and the Turnigy 250A speed controller. The batteries are 14S x 40 AH Li-Po and the props are Xoar 30x12".
Today was the first test flight of the system and everything worked well. We limited the climb power to 100A per motor to avoid any possible issues with overheating the motors and controllers. The max rate of climb was between 300-400 fpm at this current limit but could be much higher with increased current draw. I was able to cut power at 300 ft AGL and climb 1000' in a thermal which was great fun, but not a good day for measuring power consumption because of the turbulent nature of the air.

Here's a video of today's test flights:


Hello Steve,
Great work on the electric Millenium! Do you have any updates on flying this craft? I'm getting back into hang gliding/sailplanes after a few years hiatus and I'm really interested in something with self launch capability like this.


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