Announce and track hang gliding events
By Flyrigid
Yes, we are having a 2017 Mingus Mountain Labor Day Fly-In, this late announcement notwithstanding. You know the drill- come enjoy our cozy, comfy, cool campground right at launch for our relaxed get-together. As usual, our festivities (we’ll come up with something) will happen Saturday night but also as usual our clan begins to gather several days in advance, so come as soon as you like and stay as long as you like (in fact, come now, reserve your spot, and sky-out for weeks). Along with scaring up some goodies/donations for our raffle, we expect to again have food and entertainment; this year, the latter might be campfire jammin’ so bring your music/talents if you got ‘em (and rain gear and O2; you’ll probably need one or the other). Only $75 per pilot will get you the above and all the campin’, flyin’, and hangin’ out you can handle, plus one meal ticket and a T-shirt; you can get extra meal tickets, shirts, and raffle tickets, or make donations for your non-flyers. Any net, for which we thank you very much, goes to support fabulous Mingus Mt.! Launch directors Friday-Sunday mornings at most. Fly safely!

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