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By Rick M
The 2017 Willi XC Challenge is scheduled for July 28 through August 7, 2017 (flying days July 29 to August 6) in Golden, British Columbia, Canada.

This is a really great, low key flying event. Fly for fun, put on a few miles (kilometers) and turn in your flight. No specific tasks. No racing. Just relaxed flying in one of the most beautiful places to fly in North America.

See http://thewillixc.com for details and registration.

Here's a thread with details about last year's event and lots of general info about the site: http://www.hanggliding.org/viewtopic.php?t=34015

Here's a video from last year:
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By Felix
Thanks for posting this! Last year sure was fun at the Willi! I hope to make it over there this year again :mosh:
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By miraclepieco
Whatever flying plans anyone has that week won't be nearly as fun and awesome as this. Golden is a bucket list site, where big miles are had over fairy tale scenery. Add in the camaraderie of this event and you have hang gliding heaven.

My first-ever flight down this range was 125 km, overflying multiple National Parks and burning down from 16,000 to land only because my chase driver was lost. A flying buddy got over 50 miles on his first-ever XC here! Randy Haney went 325 km from Mt. Seven in - get this - 1986!

The only downside: mosquitoes!
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By Rick M
Last year there were no mosquitoes on launch but there sure are a lot in the camp ground and in LZs - especially late in the day.

I keep full head-to-toe mosquito netting in my harness. Worth every penny.

Coghlan's Bug Jacket and the matching pants.
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By Skeeter

The Willi 2015
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By Rick M
FYI - early (cheaper) registration ends Thursday, June 15th. It's $100 CAD on or before the 15th, $150 CAD after.
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