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By LKL11
Save the date!

The Fort Funston Ridge Races and Rafael Lavin Memorial BBQ will be held on Sunday, August 7.

More info coming soon regarding schedule, race and prizes.

Please spread the word!

Come fly.
Come race.
Come eat.
Come remember Raffi.

Send an email to treas@flyfunston.org with any questions
We will post any updates here as well as on Facebook invite page.

By LKL11
The object of the Funston Air Race is to determine who can fly from the Fort Funston launch, south to the Westlake turn point, and back to launch in the shortest amount of time. This race is meant to be FUN above all else. Anything sketchy or deemed unsafe gets you a proper lashing.

Competition entry donation: $20.00. Entry donation includes a Funston Air Race T-shirt!
The winner of each class will also receive a free Fellow Feathers club membership for the following year, a $65.00 value!

All competitors must possess a current USHPA card with minimum H-3 rating, a current Funston helmet sticker, be at least 18 years of age, and sign the Funston Air Race waiver. If you aren’t a current Funston helmet sticker holder, please plan on arriving earlier to fill out the extra paperwork.

Competitors must tape their assigned number to the undersurface of their wing so the race timers and turn point monitors can identify the pilot. Race organizers will not be held responsible for mistakes made due to inadequate or missing numbers.

The schedule will depend on weather conditions, but we will try to start racing around 12pm and have food available sometime thereafter. Registration will take place from 10am to 12pm ONLY. If you arrive after 12pm then you are too late to enter the race. The Fellow Feathers will provide most food and soft drinks, but potluck contributions are much appreciated!

Flight overview: Hang gliders may free fly all day at the cliff, but please, during the two hour race window, only air race participants are allowed on course between launch and the Westlake turn point.

Air Race Rules:
Racing will be by glider class, no handicapping, and no adding of ballast.
The four classes will be: Rigid, Topless, King post double surface, and King post single surface. There must be a minimum of two competitors for a class to be valid.

The race window will open when the Launch Director determines that conditions are suitable for racing. At that time free flying will be limited to the Fort Funston cliff north of launch. Free flyers waiting to launch must yield to air race contestants.

The race window will close two hours after it opens unless otherwise determined by the Launch Director.
A maximum of three competitors will be allowed on course at any one time unless otherwise determined by the Launch Director.

Elapsed times will begin when the pilot’s feet leave the ground. Competitors must fly around and above the Westlake turn point, a flag placed near the edge of the cliff on the projected north fence line of the octagon shaped house. The pilots entire body must clear the turn point. (Not just a wing tip). The turn point will have a monitor with a radio, and any pilot not clearing the turn point will be disqualified

The elapsed time will end when the nose of the glider passes in front of, and above the Finish pylon, a flag placed at the edge of the cliff at launch.
Conditions permitting, competitors may make two flights, but may re-launch only after all the other competitors have completed their first flights. Competitors must notify record keepers of their intention to re-fly the course. The pilots best time will be kept for the records.

Competitors may be disqualified for violation of International Ridge Soaring Rules, unfair or ungentlemanly conduct, endangering any other pilot or spectator, or any other reason agreed upon by the Launch Director and/or Race Organizer. All decisions by the Race Organizer are final.
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:mosh: :mosh:

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LKL11 wrote:Anything sketchy or deemed unsafe gets you a proper lashing.
You boys up in the Bay Area do know how to have a good time!

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