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By Windlord
Very nice Rich. :thumbsup: Spectacular scenery as well. What time of the year was it?
Doesn't matter how you get into the air, just enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.
By Rich E
It was last week - later in the season the snow melts off the glacier and ice shines blue - just have to come back later... ;)
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By nilesriver2
Awesome video! I'd love to fly there.
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By lostgriz
Rich, you are the only one that considers you as being bi. The rest if us know that you are actually just a paraglider pilot now. :lol:

By Roadrunner
Watching this has me myself thinking that I should get going again with my Bi Wingull flying ambitions. Yes I need to get flying again IN THAT Grobe sailplane. Yes, Iwant to go out and fly that craft with it's three surfaces of control. Yes you will see one happy aviator. Yes, I think about flying every day!

Good By: The Phoenix guy in the Sky!
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By flybop
Wow! Videos like that could make any guy, well... curious?

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