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2016 Willi XC Challenge Golden, BC, Canada Mt 7 Golden July 22nd to August 1st 2016 (comp days July 23 to 31)
XC Flying Event, Golden, BC, Canada

Details: http://thewillixc.com/news-updates/

It's a big year: our 20th anniversary.
We're also celebrating 25 years of PG competition in Golden, and 40+ years of HG & PG in the Columbia Valley.
Lots planned, including a Retro Party on Saturday, July 30, for everyone who has flown Golden.

Registration is capped at 120, and 50 of your friends are already signed up. See the list at...
Site information: http://mt7.ca/seven.html
En francais: http://mt7.ca/seven_fr.html

A momentary visual diversion...

Panorama of Golden BC's Mt 7 Flying Site:
http://www.magusiak.com/360panorama/Bri ... 7-takeoff/

Photo (from an obvious 100 miler day) from: http://mt7.ca/wmxcc_photo2012.html


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By Fred Wilson
Golden is a FANTASTIC place to bring Kids and Family.

Columbia River Wetlands Wildlife Management Area.
http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/habitat/con ... _wetlands/




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By Fred Wilson
The Invermere BC Beach LZ, looking SE at Swansea Launch - usual goal or out and return turnpoint. 112 Km south of Golden's Mt 7 Launch.
Mt. Swansea Site Guide: http://www.flyingmax.com/area/swansea/

(Normal protocols, once followed, is to land at the Invermere Airport below its Swansea Launch)


View, looking south at the airport Lz. Windermere Lake Beach LS off to the right of the picture:

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