Announce and track hang gliding events
The Okanagan Soaring Association (OSA) is assembling a list of YouTube Videos that can be downloaded in High Resolution.
Fred Wilson wrote:British Columbia Canada's Okanagan Valley is an OK place to fly! (With the 45 year Safety Record to prove it…)
Which is why our website is called flyok.ca

What is the OSA Club Motto? “More Flying Sites than Pilots!”
Site Guides[/b]: http://www.flyok.ca/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=18
+ a HEAPs of “Secret Sites” posted in our “Members Only Viewable” Forums!!! (It’s free to join. K?)
This is a Juried list that must meet many criteria: Superb Scenery, 1st Class Music, Well thought out Action AND Lots and lots of Variety.

We are still looking for a few special films.
1. Very unusual, very distinctive or offbeat vids “set to music.” Variety is the spice of life. K? Got any in mind?
2. Regional Video Flying Site Guide Tours
. ..- a large selection of local sites, giving the best overall view of each Launch, Landing Field, Scenery and Local Pilots - all rolled into one video. "The Video MUST be able to tell a Story in Itself. Captioning is ideal.
3. A FEW films that present WOMEN pilots in a good light.
4. A FEW films that present HANDICAPPED pilots in a good light.
5. We are starting another folder for Educational or Extremely Informative XC Flights.

The Juried Film Night Video list is highlighted by (English, to date) National Flag of Origin, or by a :thumbsup:
There is a large international team of men and women that are working on this project.
The purpose for this is to make it readily available for other Film Night / Festival Organizers for their Club's Fundraiser in order to make it easy for them.

See our Juried List at: http://www.flyok.ca/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=980
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By Fred Wilson
As you can see, we have added a folder for TV #6: National & International Regional Site Guide Video Tours, by Nation

Special Request:
Could YOU take excerpts from all of your best videos and compile them all into one quick, visual tour of all of your Region's Flying Sites and Landing Fields?
(One Region per video) with explanatory captions, set to good music?

This is pretty much a perfect example of the sort of Site Guide Tour Film(s) we are looking for:
Hang Gliding BC Fernie Elks Valleym Wasa, Siamous Elko Mix: Captioned + set to GOOD, appropriate Music. - 720p or Higher Resolution.
by Dennis Turner: https://www.youtube.com/user/theturnandburn/videos

This would be great on your Club Website's home page, :goodidea:
and we would be tickled pink to show them at Film Festivals! :mosh:
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The purpose of Film Night / Festival Fundraisers is to fill Club War Chests.
- OSA needs at least $1 - 2,000.00 in reserves for emergencies that may arise ie critical Site Tenure Applications issues, Site Maintenance etc.
Secondly, half the money raised from our Silent Auction, Prize Draws and 50 / 50 Draw will go to our local Salvation Army’s Food Bank.
Film Nights are ± open to the General Public. So good Public Relations strategies tied into it is a key element in its success.
Picking a good local heart throb charity to donate profits to will go a long way towards ensuring the event is filled to the rafters.
- We are also considering a Canadian Donation to the USHPA RRG but our dates have been backed off so we may be too late as things stand.

Alexander's Beach Front Pub at the north end of Kalamalka Lake, Vernon BC has 283 seating capacity, with stand up overflow.
This event is open to the public and is being advertised widely, gratis, by local Radios, Newspapers and Businesses.
Businesses are being asked to donated Goods and / or Services to the Prize Draws. Telling them their donations are going to that local heart throb charity is a sure fire way to get them involved.

Alexander's Beach Front Pub has 11 Television sets.
We will be running up to 7 hours of Films on all eleven Screens. You can too! :mosh:
- 8 TV's Downstairs on the Main Floor, with one Very Large TV Center Stage, running the sound.
- 2 TV's Upstairs Conference Room, including one large screen that will be running 1960's and 70's films still only on VCR. - seating capacity ± 80
- 1 TV outside on the waterfront Patio - seating capacity ± 100

All videos will be downloaded HIGH resolution (ed using the Free Clipgrab app...) onto USB Sticks, numbered in the order we want them played for maximum variety.
- Ie: 0a. 0b, 0c... 1a,1b, 1c... 2a, 2b, 2c... et cetera.

Film Festival Category List for Downloads
TV #1: Paragliding Videos + The Best of the Rest.
- The best HG & PG Aerobatics, Hang Gliding & Speedflying & SpeedGliding for the Center Stage Screen,
- All running off a BlueTooth Laptop run by our IT expert that will caption videos live, where needed.

TV #2: Paragliding Aerobatic Videos.
TV #3: Hang Gliding "Vol Libre" Movies.
TV #4: Hang Gliding "Vol Libre" Aerobatic Movies.
TV #5: Okanagan Sites and Scenery.
TV #6: National & International Regional Site Guide Video Tours.
TV #7: Hang Gliding and Paragliding Training Movies.
TV #8: Hang Gliding and Paragliding Advanced Education Movies.
TV #9: Exceptional / Informational Cross Country Films.
TV #10: SpeedFlying + SpeedGliding Movies
TV #11: Full Length Movies

Enjoy! :thumbsup:

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By Fred Wilson
Jury is hard at work.We are also hard at work looking for, and asking for, better flics to replace the weak sisters. K?

Could you do me a favor? I need ONE OR MORE Flying Site Guide Video Tour(s) of:
1. The best flying sites in each state or Union of the USA

2. Each and every Country.
all rolled into one video. HIGH Resolution, like 1080p set to VERY GOOD Natiional Rock or... music with captions explaining the name of each flying site, location and its Landing Field.

There is a VERY large international team working on this.
EVERYBODY will be using it world wide for Film Night Fundraisers.
Best juried films are marked with their National Flag or by a :thumbsup:

If you would like to join the project PM me or email to ftlwilson at shaw dot ca K?

Deadline for OSA's Vernon BC event is March 19th 2016.
But as a moderator on http://www.flyok.ca I can edit this indefinitely.
So these excellent film clips will become an even more & more spectacular selection for Future Film Night Organizers.

Thought these Regional Site Guide Video Tours would be ace for your Club or National Association's website too.
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By Fred Wilson
Here is one of the lead off pics we will be using in advertizements to grab everyone's attention.
- Need a Hang Gliding Counterpart. Understood?

"Earth Shattering." "An absolutely BREATHTAKING Video." by Dave Achuk.
Paragliding hike and fly enjoying Mt. Harvey, Howe Sound British Columbia Canada atop Vancouver BC's North Shore mountains.

It is located on the Howe Sound Crest Trail in Cypress Provincial Park near Vancouver's famous "The Lions" Mountain.
See: http://vancouverhiatus.com/hiking/mount-harvey.html

By midtoad
Fred Wilson wrote:Jury is hard at work.
Please tell me who are the other members of the jury. Thanks.

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