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By jj colorado
Best to sign up sooner rather than later.

Villa has great XC potential, but on a nice day you can fly far, and fly back so you land right at the festivities. It is your option. That part of what makes this such a great event. Great people, food, music, and fly any which way you want to.

The site is H2 - P2 friendly in the mornings and some evenings, full tilt big air action afternoons. So you can choose when to launch depending what type of conditions you want to fly in. And if you catch a Villa glass off later in the day.... :mosh:

By Tiffany Smith
Hey y'all....

So, USHPA majorly botched our article in the issue of the mag that just came out - to say that we're disappointed would be an understatement....we worked hard writing a good article about the essence of CFW; weather patterns; why this event is a success; and so on. All that got printed were two testimonials that were merely supposed to be insets as a compliment to the actual article.

USHPA will be making it right in the next mag, but I felt the need to clarify that what you are seeing in print was not our intent. Stayed tuned for the next issue...

Registrations at a solid 92 and slowly but steadily climbing. Don't forget to get in at the early bird price before June 30!

Just 14 weeks away now.....
By Tiffany Smith
The completely awesome Reggie Jones will be spearheading the USA Spot Landing Contest at CFW again this year. That page of the website is no longer under construction, so go check it....


It is worthy to note that there will be CASH prizes for this contest - amounts are subject to increase as folks step up to beef up the pot...
By Yosoytupadre
Now that's gonna make for some fun...
By Tiffany Smith
With a hundred registrations now on the books, and only 3.5 weeks left for the early bird price, I suggest y'all get a leg up! We will gladly accept your registration after the early bird price ends, but wouldn't you rather save a few bones and take care of it now?!

I say yes.

Just do it.

And meet Cat - the lovely burlesque kitten who's performance you will not want to miss on closing night....

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By Spark
woof :thumbsup: :shock:
By Tiffany Smith
Ok folks....

First of all, happy first day of summer!

Secondly, did you realize that you only have TEN days left to pre-register at the early bird cheap-o price of $150?! While pre-registration will remain open after June 30, you will have to pay the door price of $195. Just wanted to give everyone a fair chance to take advantage of saving a few bucks with another friendly reminder.

2.5 months away....it's going to be here before we know it.

Sign up today and remind your buddies...


questions? tiffany at coloradoflyweek dot come....
By Tiffany Smith
Hey y'all....me again...

At the risk of sounding...somewhat redundant, just wanted to throw it out there again....only 4 days left to sign up for CFW at the early-bird-helluva-Bargain-price of $150! This steal will only last through Thursday, June 30.

In other news.....the flying season in Villa Grove has gotten off to a nice start. The cobwebs are being cleaned out of Tiff's Tavern and the Shower Shack. Sunset Stage preparations are in the works. Volunteers and vendors are stepping up. Entertainment line up is being fined tuned. T-shirt artwork is coming together. Permits secured.

You know you wanna come....what ya waitin' for?

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By PilotGuy
I just registered! It's going to be awesome, I can't freaking wait! :mosh: :mosh:

Oh and yes, for all you hg.org old-timers, I still hang around on here from time to time.
By Tiffany Smith
Such a nice little registration push from yesterday's blast....good to see folks stepping up to make the commitment!

You've still got through Thursday to save a few bones, so keep that closely on your radar...

We're getting pretty stoked over here -- Viva La Fly Week!
By Tiffany Smith
Ok y'all....I'm in a good mood...

I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, getting ready to watch what I think is going to be a beautiful sunset...updating CFW schtuff....being blown away by this last minute momentum for early bird sign-up....

I'm going to give you til say....noonish (MST) tomorrow to take advantage of this heckuva bargain. Won't you join the rest of the 141 pilots?? ;)

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By Avnav8r
PilotGuy wrote:I just registered! It's going to be awesome, I can't freaking wait! :mosh: :mosh:

Oh and yes, for all you hg.org old-timers, I still hang around on here from time to time.
It is good to see you're still out there lurking, Jeff! :thumbsup:
By Tiffany Smith
July 17, 2016


The CFW organizers have had quite a scare this week, not to mention us (Tiff and Larry) personally, being that our house is at the base of the mountain range and all. On Friday, July 8, there was a lightning strike in the forest behind the ridge of CFW HQ, causing a tree to spark a flame. This was witnessed and reported by some folks over in the Fremont County area and fire crews set out to find it…which they never did. On Sunday, July 10, high SW winds caused this undiscovered ember to blow up, into what has since turned into a wildfire that has burned 16,000+ acres.

When the fire first started Sunday afternoon, Larry and I just sat and watched it blow up and build on the ridge behind our house; seeing flames on the ridgeline and fearing the fire would start to burn over onto our side. Luckily, the wind direction was in our favor to keep the flames moving the other way, which is where it has remained all week.

On July 11, the Forest Service requested that the FAA issue a TFR (temporary flight restriction) of the surrounding area, thus shutting down our airspace; the TFR was to remain in place through September 30. Along with the TFR came a forest closure order, so needless to say we became very concerned for Fly Week and feared having to call it off.

Emotions have run high this week; I’ve spent countless hours crying; the mere thought of calling off an event that I have worked my butt off for a year was something I just couldn’t wrap my head around. So many people’s lives were going to be affected, not just ours; thousands of dollars already spent; contracts signed; permits in place. The whole thing is really just insanely surreal.

Internet searches on Thursday revealed that the initial TFR had been rescinded in favor of an up-to-date one, one that does not include our airspace, but does encompass the whole back side. The forest closure, however, remains in place.

On Friday, July 15, Larry and Jim Zeiset had a meeting with Tristram Post – District Ranger in Saguache County – where they initially talked about the last pitch of the launch road realignment project, a file that she was quite familiar with. While discussing the fire was of more importance, they agreed to take a look at this project in the future once things became a bit less hectic for the Forest Service.

The discussion moved on to TFRs and the existing forest closure. While the TFR does not now include our airspace, the forest closure does currently remain in place. Given the complexity of the situation of CFW and understanding our strong relationships with the local fire department, search & rescue, ambulance district, and county commissioners, and the positive impact that CFW has on the local economy, she is going to work with us to do what she can to get this launch road closure lifted. That being said, it all depends on the fire. Words out of her mouth as of 7/15/16 were “Don’t call it off yetâ€￾.

You can imagine our distress over this matter; at what point do you call it? Pilots and their families have committed to this thing, bands, entertainers, staff, security, vendors, etc. – cancellations would have to be made, refunds issued, plane tickets cancelled, contracts broken…

TFRs and forest closures follow the fire, so as long as the fire continues the trend of moving further away from us, so do those closures move further away. Larry was impressed by Tristran’s encouragement and her being willing to work with us...however, we all understand that it just depends on the fire. The coming weeks will tell, and we’re doing our best to hang in there, be hopeful, and pray that the skies start to unleash rain like we’ve never seen before. Please try to hang in there with us…we need and appreciate your support. The show WILL go on…

Tiffany Smith
Colorado Fly Week Event Coordinator

7/16/16 – Last quote from Tristram was “I still feel confident we can work with you to allow use at least on the road to the launch site by August 27thâ€￾
By Fletcher
Sorry to hear about all the stress you're experiencing.
We can only imagine all the effort you've put into organizing this wonderful event.
Unfortunately natural disasters are a part of life on this rock we call home.
Let's just hope the fire will continue to move in a more distant direction and the people in authority will allow responsible use of the road and launch.
I'm sure that most if not all of the people involved understand that you are doing EVERYTHING in your power to make this event a success.
I hope you get some good news soon so you can relax some and prepare for the
event of the year.
Peace be with you
By blindrodie
big LOVE and Karma thoughts going out to everyone involved. We love you guys and are hoping for the best outcome!!

Attendee CFW 2014
By Tiffany Smith
Thank you for the thoughtful post....your words of encouragement go a very long way in my book, so thanks mucho:)
By Tiffany Smith
The Hayden Pass Fire is now at 35% containment and that percentage seems to be growing daily. Not to mention, the first continues to move further away from us, so.......

Full steam ahead.... :thumbsup:
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By mapjim
Best wishes. That's a frightening fire to have so near. Friends and I have been seeing and smelling the smoke for a week in Teller County. It was hard to see the Sangres and Collegiates due to the smoke.
By Tiffany Smith
CFW kicks off in less than 4 weeeeeeeks!! The fire scare is behind us and we are full steam ahead....

I will likely shut down online registration a week before show time, so if you want to sign up ahead of time, now would be a good time to do so. We will still be accepting on-site registrations, so do not fear.

t-shirts will be ordered and the silk screening process starting soon (bad a$$ Harry Martin design)....if anyone thinks they will be wanting to purchase an additional tee, besides the one you will receive as part of your registration, speaking up now helps us to get a better count.

I will be very busy in the next couple weeks sending out emails to all pilots currently registered, ordering stuff, responding to queries, etc....so if you reach out to me and I don't immediately reply please bare with me.

GET PUMPED!! This is going to rock so hard.....

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