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By Tiffany Smith
...and then there were 50....

The website stats are off the hook lately, with the registrations still coming in at a solid, steady pace.....it sure makes the excitement build!

If I had to guess, we'll be at 100 by June....and it'll only grow from there...

Decide to just do it! You want to be here! We want you here!


By highhuber
Pilots, paras and hangs, Tiffany and Larry Smith put on the most fantastic of Flying events. They do it out of a love borne from their years of shared comraderie with fellow pilots and a pure love for the sport.

It is held in the San Luis Valley of Colorado with the beautiful Sangre De Cristo range running down its eastern flank. Look it up on Google Earth and you will see the potential this area has for epic and beautiful flights. I flew to Taos NM my first flight there, 132 miles, if I'd had a driver I would have continued on and maybe made Santa Fe. I topped out at 19K and had a final glide of 30 miles.

Going long and staying in the harness for hours might not be your style of flying, that's cool because that's not what this event is necessarily about. It's not an XC contest per se.

If you just want a few hours of flight and a leisurely day, then an evening of entertainment on a private stage, with great food vendors on hand, a private bar on a 40 acre private estate, with your RV or tent to sack out in when your ready for sleep you're covered.

They have already lined up a weeks worth of entertainment, made commitments to a lot of people and spent a ton of money organizing this event. 50 pilots so far have registered. Why I'm posting this is so that we can get a 100 more pilots soon to sign up and support Larry and Tiffany for all their time and money spent.

Check out the videos and stories on their website and all the other fun things to do in the area and if you feel this event is something you want to participate in I urge you to sign up now. Show Tiffany and Larry your support. This will be the last Colorado Flyweek event, come and share the magic.

Scot Huber
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By greenleader
Serious fun, soarable every day and best organized fly-in is how I describe 2014's event in a nutshell.

See y'all there!
By Tiffany Smith
Scot Huber, you rock....thanks for the post. You too, GreenLeader.

Larry and I just returned from Denver to see Ross Smith claim his award for Best Promotional Film 2015 from USHPA, for his amazing movie Eight Days at Base. This is an honest and fun depiction of the event, and of the pilots who live their lives through the sport of free flight. Full of interesting, insightful and informative interviews, and combined with a look at the entertainment and nightlife, it really showcases what the event is all about. Enjoyable for all, even non-pilots!

If you have not yet done so, please take a moment to visit this link and take a peek at the 50 second, high-octane trailer....then buy a copy of this award winning film! You won't be sorry...

By Tiffany Smith
You have checked out our closing night band - SHEL - right?!

So....so....sooooo good. They are such a treat!

New video - check it:
By Tiffany Smith
CFW PSA #1 from Larry and me -- check it....

By Tiffany Smith
We are suuuuper excited to make the following announcement:

Thursday, September 1, we will have the honor of hosting Mike Meier, from Wills Wing, as a special guest speaker. He will talk on the topic of Safety and Decision Making, as well as discuss what's new with WW, what's coming up, etc. We are so thrilled about what his presence will add to the overall well roundedness of CFW.

Please join us in making him feel welcome!
By Tiffany Smith
77 pilots have committed to CFW - that's crazy cool!

Larry & I will release a new PSA soon, so stay tuned....
By Tiffany Smith
Have you taken 50 seconds to watch the trailer of the award winning CFW 2014 movie Eight Days at Base yet?!? Watch this high octane teaser now....

....now go buy yourself a copy of the feature length film DVD for a mere 15 bucks...it features informative pilot interviews, wild flying stories, great aerial footage, hints of nightlife, and so much more. A great watch for even your non-pilot peeps...


And while you're at it, take a moment to commit to the biggest and last event of its kind by signing up for Colorado Fly Week 2016 today....


We're up to 86 registrations now, and only 2 months left to take care of signing up with the early-bird price - just do it!

Know anyone that wants to volunteer? We want to hear from you/them...


To you guys it might be 4 months away....to us, it's more like the weeks are dwindling down quickly. It's-a-comin, peeps!!
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By BBJCaptain
I flew over Villa Grove on the way home from Dulles Sat.
Cu's are starting to pop :drool:
Villa2.JPG (249.75 KiB) Viewed 2407 times
Villa1.JPG (256.28 KiB) Viewed 2407 times
Villa.JPG (244.09 KiB) Viewed 2407 times
Villa3.JPG (222.05 KiB) Viewed 2404 times
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By Kevin_O
I should have my H-3 by then, but can an H-2 participate?

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By Kevin_O
Sweet! I'm in... pending wife's approval, of course.
By blindrodie
Nice pics, BBJ!
You should see his armchair!!

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By BBJCaptain
blindrodie wrote:
Nice pics, BBJ!
You should see his armchair!!
Walking out of the hanger on Thursday to go to Dulles
We took the Guppy that day instead of the Whale 8)
out the hanger door copy.jpg
out the hanger door copy.jpg (32.35 KiB) Viewed 2327 times
By Tiffany Smith
Up to 90 pilots now - that's a solid number, I must say.

Did you know??....in 7 weeks, on June 30th, the early registration fee of $150 will end - July 1st it will increase to the door price of $195. Save yourself a few bucks and get in now...


We're only 15+ weeks out; it's coming crazy fast....and we're getting crazy excited...
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By flybop
I hope to attend. My work schedule is too fluid right now to commit. I am a fledgling XC pilot with only a few XC's. My longest is only 17 miles. But, my goal this year is to do more XC flying.

Is there a maximum number of pilots?

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