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By Tiffany Smith
As you've heard by now, CFW 2016 is a go!
August 27 - Sept. 3

In preparation for the biggest and best event yet, we have been busy. For complete event details, please be sure to visit our brand new website! You will be able to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the event, as well as the chance to see photos from past events, watch videos, and so much more. Check it: http://coloradoflyweek.com/

Also, the trailer for the CFW 2014 movie - Eight Days at Base - is now out! The full length DVD will be available to purchase in early to mid October, but you can reserve your copy now on the website. In the meantime, turn up your volume and watch this:

Early registration for the 2016 event will start January 1. The entertainment will be top notch, so please check the Schedule of Events on the website often for new additions. Have a suggestion, or ideas for sponsorship? We want to hear about it! Visit the website to learn more.

We're excited -- hope you are too! :thumbsup:

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By jheissjr
I like the trailer! What harness is at 0:51?
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By Mark Arnold
Looks like Larry's CG carbon. No longer produced.
By Tiffany Smith
If you haven't seen the high octane trailer for the CFW 2014 film yet, be sure to check it out!

Once you're good and enticed, buy the full length film - Eight Days at Base - for a mere 15 bucks! This is an excellent depiction of the flying the San Luis Valley, the flying community, the individuals, and the event itself. Good stuff!

You can view the trailer and buy the DVD here:

By blindrodie
Any video of the 2015 event? I had a great launch and would like to see how I did!!

Wish i could make it back in 2016! Thanks

By blindrodie
HA guess time just flies by! Guess it was 2015. I'm sure I was there... :oops:

By Tiffany Smith
There was CFW 2012 and 2014. If you want to see flying footage for 2014, buy the killer DVD - link posted above. :thumbsup:
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By haddieman
I got my copy of Eight Days at Base a few days ago. IT IS AWESOME!!!!! I've already watched it three times. Excellent footage and storytelling. Ross did a really great job!

By highhuber
Listen up pilots. Villa Grove is a fantastic site to fly. I did 132 miles on my first day there without a driver to Taos NM. I think 200 will be broken from VG one day soon.

Larry and Tiffany Smith put on the best flyin for the least amount of money on the planet. No ones even close. They have an outdoor stage and line up entertainment for most evenings which is a total gas.

Tiffany has her tavern set up mixing drinks and supplying swill of your choosing for cheap.

They have food vendors cooking meals of good nutritious quality right on site. The camping is included in your entrance fees. 40 acres of room to find your chosen site. In close or far out. You decide.

This isn't high pressure comp flying with tasks set in advance. Pilots decide in the air where they want to fly and how far. This is more of a celebration of flight and comraderie with great entertainment and fun as the main draw.

Although if the day looks kickass you know we will be out there going for it.

Their are hotsprings http://www.joyfuljourneyhotsprings.com/lodging.htm in the valley for those so inclined. A liquor store in Villa and a couple of restaurants. More choices in Salida about 25 miles north.

I think this type of Flyin is the most enjoyable for all people involved, and should be a model for others to emulate.

I urge everyone to come to Colorado Fly Week 2016. To celebrate the joy of Flight.

Scot Huber
By Tiffany Smith
What a great post, Scot! Folks would be wise to heed your advice....after 2016 it will be too late to see what it's all about.

A clarification: the liquor store in Villa Grove is no longer in business - the closest now is in Saguache (to the south), with Salida just a bit further out (to the north).

If free camping at HQ doesn't suit you, please visit the website for a pretty comprehensive list of options:


Registration threatens to open with a boom after the first of the year, and with pilot numbers expected to creep up even more from last year there might likely be a cap on the total number of registration slots open....so don't delay! I'll post up again when it officially opens.

My entertainment schedule has filled up nicely with just a few slots left - we are going all out!!
By Tiffany Smith
Happy Holidays from CFW!

We want to start the new year with a bang by opening registration to Colorado Fly Week 2016 TODAY! Be sure to check out the different pages of the website as well, as new information has been uploaded and entertainment has been added to the schedule. We're super excited to get things underway.....


*Don't forget to watch the trailer and order a copy of the CFW 2014 DVD!

By Tiffany Smith
A week into registration and already 19 pilots have signed up! Not too bad for an event 8 months away.

Keep track of your flying comrades from around the country (and beyond) who have committed one of their summer flying vacations to CFW....


Let's get your name added to the list! :mosh:

Registration is fast and easy....


And be sure to check out the entertainment schedule - we've got some great acts in store....


What are you waiting for?! :wink:
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By TomGalvin
Just in case any one is thinking there will be another one...

From the last entry on http://coloradoflyweek.com/event-schedule/
Sunday – September 4th

8:00am – Clean-Up
THE GREAT BURNDOWN PARTY – join us at sunset as we burn tables, chairs, Sunset Stage, Tiff’s Tavern, cars, trucks and anything within sight that might encourage us to do this event again – EVERYTHING MUST GO! Take that, Burning Man!
I think it's fairly safe to say, this is your last chance to make it to a Colorado Fly Week.
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By jj colorado
This is a great event and an incredible bargain too!

Great flying, people, music....

Sign up early to help get the funding started for the event. Tiffany and Larry are busily working on this already. This takes a lot of effort and early sign ups help.

Looking forward to another great event.
By Tiffany Smith
We're up to 30 registrations in just a month....not too shabby!

Still on the fence about whether or not to come? Need some more enticement? Buy the 40 minute DVD, Eight Days at Base, which highlights CFW 2014 in all its glory...the pilots, the partying, the flying....oh, the flying!


If registrations keep coming in at this steady pace we will be forced to put a cap of the number of pilots -- I will keep you informed if/when the need arises to do this, but if you plan on attending please don't delay getting signed up!


Any questions? tiffany at coloradoflyweek dot com
By Tiffany Smith
CFW is looking for a dedicated yoga guru/pilot to lead/instruct daily yoga sessions during CFW 2016 -- Please email tiffany at coloradoflyweek dot com for more information.

ALSO, if you don't know the band SHEL, you need to check them out. Their popularity is hugely on the rise, and now Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics has taken them under his wing. These gals played for us in 2014, and they will be wrapping things up for us on closing night, September 3 -- you will not want to miss their performance! www.shelmusic.com

Registrations have still been trickling in, but it's been a little quiet -- we are now up to 35! I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating: If this event is on your do-list, please don't want until the last minute to sign up....we will be putting a cap on the # of pilots, so don't be left out! I will put out APBs when the threat of closing registration is upon us. You'll get plenty of warning, but I cannot reserve spots -- first come first serve.

Just over 6 months now....time is slipping by quickly!
By Fletcher
Thanks for the Shel info
I just checked them out and there GOOD!!!
Be sure they bring their CDs to sell at the event, they should sell many.
By Tiffany Smith

Is your name on that list? Should it be?! Don't get left in the dust...you'd be wise to sign up sooner than later -- don't risk not getting in before the pilot cap!

Nice to see some new guys coming out of the woodwork, as well as some CFW veterans - CA, OR, CT, CO, AR, GA, NJ, NY, WY, OH, TN, UT, IA, MA and Australia represent!

Any chance you've checked out the entertainment line-up?? Worth the price of admission alone! Dead cover band, Let It Grow, from Albuquerque; rockabilly band, Six Volt Rodeo, from Florida; beautiful local duets Pint & a Half and Kevin & Faith; Mama Magnolia, from Boulder, CO, serving up delicious melodies; Salida musician, Chris Nasca, performing solo and with his classic rock band, Alley Dust; the jamming Quiet Hollers, all the way from my hometown Louisville, KY; local Bruce Hayes and his rocking rhythms; the soulful Ruby Chief, from Crested Butte, CO; belly dancers from Crestone, CO, Bellysattva; a captivating burlesque performance out of Denver...plus a few other stage performances, and new ones being added. CHECK IT: http://coloradoflyweek.com/event-schedule/

Everything is full-steam ahead with team CFW! Will YOU be here?!!

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