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If it hadn't been for Joe Faust publicizing the efforts of individual hang glider experimenters in the late 60's and early 70's and organizing the first ever hang gliding meet, May 23, 1971, we may all be doing something other than flying HG & PG now.

His latest effort to improve the HG world was to create a national registry for all hang rated pilots. This is so that they do not have to pay $150 / year to keep their ratings if they are flying sites that don't require insurance. If they don't pay up for three years all records of their hang ratings are gone forever. It's as if the pilot never flew a hang glider.

I have maintained my membership since the day I voted to create the USHGA which became USHPA. But in the 1990's i wasn't flying anymore so I joined for three years as "non- Pilot" for $30 instead of $100+. As soon as i realized that my H3 rating was gone I went back to full membership even though I didn't fly for a total of 36 years. When I started flying again I had to get an instructor to reinstate my rating. If you think I forgot how to fly a hang glider then check out the video of my recent flight at Point of the Mountain, in another topic on this forum.

Hang ratings are public information and anyone can make a list of pilots and their current rating that wants to do so. No body can close the public record! Everyone that Joe has the public information for is listed in the new national registry, so a record of their rating is not lost and has not expired. Kudos to Joe, but for that effort he was banned from this forum. :crazy:

Please everyone, write for Joe's reestablishment in this forum and let him continue his efforts to help you keep the record of your hang ratings permanently. After you are gone there will still be a place that says to everyone that you flew and had this rating. USHPA will not have any record after three years of your absence.

Frank Colver, USHPA #7 (current)
Your post is very misleading Frank.

First of all, Joe is not listing public ushpa records. He is listing ratings with his orgs name on them. He listed me and others and refuses to take us off this orgs list, even when we asked. He even added dead pilots to his new org, who had no choice in the matter. Its really disrespectful. I hope when I die people dont just start adding me to orgs I never chose to join. I do not hold a rating in his org. I do not belong on that list, neither do the deceased or the people who asked to be removed.

Joe is banned because he was pissing off the membership. He was becoming a problem. I have no time for drama on this site. I was getting PM's from pissed off members. He's not coming back because he constantly causes me moderation issues, and I simply dont have the time to deal with this nonsense. He is free to push his org on a billion other websites on the net. Go for it.


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