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By joefaust
The Conduct Code page invites instructors, experienced HG pilots, and thoughtful persons to send in suggested text :
ConductCode001clip.JPG (20.13 KiB) Viewed 1134 times
What might be your conduct gem for yourself or others?

RHG :: recreational hang gliding
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By joefaust
will present a terse text for that file instead of the shown in prior post
3ReduceCCode.JPG (36.62 KiB) Viewed 1088 times
Local group of recreational pilots will format and write and practice their own local conduct codes.
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By BubbleBoy

Adding pilots to the ratings lists without their permission?

That's a real scumbaggery way to make it look bigger and more accepted than it is right there.

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By joefaust
Just getting started. Tiny compared to the facts. Ratings are public facts. You are free to make your own lists.
What is your rating? fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org states only its own certified ratings. Rather, consider how some other org erases ratings and then charges for restating; or it voids ratings for repugnant causes. Let fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.org open file on your rating scene; let's see what you have. No fee. Cannot be withdraw. Certified. Currency via pilot file.
SafeSplatSkiOnFrongFlyingWire.JPG (13.02 KiB) Viewed 891 times
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By BubbleBoy
// "Just getting started." //

Great. What a shitty thing to do to harvest names and include people who have zero interest in being included (especially the well known names to make it look like they've bought into the gig).

Turns out not only can you have any rating you want, you're going to have a rating whether you (knowingly) WANT it or not.

Thankfully the entire charade is destined for miserable failure even with (and/or because of) the clear used car salesman nonsense (bookmark it).

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By joefaust
joefaust wrote:
Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:06 pm
Here is a sample
pilot's rating line:
Lyle Anderson H4
At fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org, a pilot may not be certified to his or her "want" for merely wanting. The certification process is meta-want, if you will. So, if you meant your comment about fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org, then you've mischaracterized the matter. If you were extrapolating my comment about anyone may make their own lists, then you may have a point; yes, you may make a list of pilot ratings and include yourself and state anything you wish. Go for it, if that is what you want. However, the process at fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.org is quite different.
Have you opened a file with fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.org yet concerning you? Case will be opened just upon your emailing ratings@fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.org with some relevant data; such will begin a substantial process.
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By joefaust
Pilot Pages have three sections:
= Statement of certified rating.
=Voluntary information from the pilot
= Interest-enhancing notes and links related to the pilot.
Two samples for Pilot Page
here: Mark G. Forbes

and here: Logan J. Remillard

The paths have changed for reaching the stated rating.
Filler regarding HG landing safety design efforts
AccordionSkinnedRadialSpokesInflatableBasebarBasedDeployableRoller.JPG (48.1 KiB) Viewed 650 times
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By DMarley
So now you're adding to your list dead pilots and pilots who have obviously no desire to be on your list?
You're obviously attempting to legitimize your little club by incredibly ill means. Deceased pilots? Really?
Mark Forbes? Really? And you're linking to Mark's videos that don't indicate who the pilot is in each vid?
I would be highly surprised to hear that Mark gave you permission to put his endorsement on your club by adding his name to your list of pilots.
You're club is appearing to be more and more ill-conceived and ill-guided. Is that the kind of organization that you want to be known as? The kind of club who's leaders would induct deceased pilots? Would you also vote in public elections under the name of deceased voters?
Have some respect at least for the deceased if not for yourself.
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By DMarley
And I just saw that you put Larry Tudor's name on your ill-begotten list. Did you get his permission, or did you merely stick in it there because you knew his name?
And then his name is linked to your friend's site that has ridiculous posts of Larry being put to death in Korea, of Larry killing himself, of all sorts of ridiculous rhetoric pointing to Larry Tudor. You should be terribly ashamed of yourself.
You are giving all of us pilots a bad name by doing this underhanded bs.
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By joefaust
DMarley wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:26 am
So now you're adding to your list dead pilots and pilots who have obviously no desire to be on your list?
You're obviously attempting to legitimize your little club by incredibly ill means. Deceased pilots? Really?
Mark Forbes? Really? And you're linking to Mark's videos that don't indicate who the pilot is in each vid?
I would be highly surprised to hear that Mark gave you permission to put his endorsement on your club by adding his name to your list of pilots.
You're club is appearing to be more and more ill-conceived and ill-guided. Is that the kind of organization that you want to be known as? The kind of club who's leaders would induct deceased pilots? Would you also vote in public elections under the name of deceased voters?
Have some respect at least for the deceased if not for yourself.
Your note seems to be missing facts, assuming what is not fact, and then building statements on assumptions or beliefs that miss the mark about fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.

1. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is not a club, not an association, but an agency for certifying recreational hang glider ratings proposed by facts witnessed. There is no memberships offered nor accepted. The agent is independent of other entities. One does not join fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org, dead or alive. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org goes through a profound checking process. One cannot obtain a statement of a rating by virtue of asking or applying. One may submit data on one's behalf or on the behalf of another recreational pilot as an instructor, observer, mentor, airman, etc. Submitting data about a recreational pilot--dead or alive--does not force a production of a rating process; but if a rating process occurs resulting in a statement by fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org, then that pilot has for life and beyond a rating stated by fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.

2. From the beginning of hang gliding history pilots ---dead or alive---have been rated . fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org continues that strong historically based tradition.

3. So far, only one rated pilot asked for a taking off their Pilot Page some image and non-core information about themselves. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org will respond to requests with careful consideration.

4. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org adds statements in Pilot Pages and on the indexing lists only after a recreational hang glider pilot has shown public recreational hang gliding activity. It is the aim of fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org to rate to H0 through H4 only every pilot that shows evidence of having a flight connection with the airspace over the United States or its possessions. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org keeps an interest in deceased recreational hang glider pilots.

5. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org has no need to ask a dead or alive recreational pilot whether they want or want not to be rated for hang gliding proficiency. But fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org receives requests for being rated.

6. It is beneficial and honorable to pay attention to recreational hang glider pilots who have died; certifying their hang gliding rating is part of the mission of fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.

7. There are three sections to the fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org Pilot Page: a. Statement of rating that has been certified. b. Data supplied by the subject pilot that is fit for public display; we hold unpublished information not fit for public display; the submitter has much to say about what goes in that section or not. c. Information that might enhance interest in the subject pilot.

8. The third section on the Pilot Page is about enhancing interest; that section does not necessarily affect fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org certification process; rather, the video links and links to articles and documents in that section may not have been part of the certification process.

9. That fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org states a certified rating for a pilot does not mean anything about endorsement or not. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org trades nothing for its certification processing. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is blind to endorsements or non endorsements. There is no essential need to ask a pilot if she or he is going to be rating certified by fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org; if the pilot has shown publicly, then they are potentially in the view of fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org rating certification domain.

10. Doug, you are invited to start a case about your rating with fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org. A case file has not yet been started about your rating. But it may get opened soon; an email from you to ratings@fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org.org would trigger opening a case file leading to a certified rating statement and construction of a Pilot Page about you. Send data and have others send data about you; records from your instructors, mentors, observers, and examiners are receivables for the fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org process. And documents and links to information that surround you are welcome for fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org review for possible placement in the second and third section of the Pilot Page. You are welcome to trigger the process. sooner or later.

Honor your fathers and mothers; honor those who have gone before us and who live yet , though deceased. To forget Volmer Jensen or Larry Tudor would be a great loss. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org aims to keep the won assets of recreational hang gliding alive to all who are concerned. Doug, you are welcome to submit interesting links about Larry or other HG pilots; fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is not responsible for what history is showing about pilots.

I hope I have addressed your concerns; if not, we may go another round on any point in hopes to clarify matters. You are invited to reach to see what is the case before leaping to fly dark statements. Reach for potential light and hold out for a perspective that may be helpful.

Joe Faust
for teaming at fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org
Just occurring:
PS: HGpilots/DouglasMarley.html has been constructed; the content will develop over time. :)
Filler: Dave Chapman about to rocket:
Makapuu.JPG (37.42 KiB) Viewed 588 times
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By DMarley
You are creating an ill-gotten database of names only, then, with absolutely no meaning except to attempt to give your club more "credibility" only through the number of pilots listed, which is low-handed trickery and political bs. The only people that will give your list any look will be non-pilots, because they are clueless about this sport. This will likely come out and back-fire on you.
You had better not put my name and ratings and links to my information in your ridiculous nazi-type black-list without my full and absolute permission. You will have many many pilots angry with you if you continue this dishonest child's game.

You are listing deceased pilots only for your own and your club's benefit, not for any other. And coloring it in the light that you have is terribly irresponsible. If you truly wanted to honor these pilots, you would generate a completely separate list within a completely separate context, completely seperate from your club's influence, with more information than what you have here as a way honoring them. As it is now, you are merely attempting to generate a high head-count to your list and you don't care if they're alive or deceased, active or not active, or even if they don't give you permission to list them. You are grasping at straws in order to make your club appear like it has the backing of many pilots when in fact it has very little backing. Despicable. I believed at one time that Joe Faust was a respected class act.

I do not give you any permission to list me and my ratings and anything else that is related to me and my HG/sailplane/GA flying.
I demand that you, nor anyone related to/with your club or organization or whatever you call yourselves, never refer to me in any way within your list of ill-gotten names.
I hope that is clear enough.
It would be dishonorable of me to allow my name to be on your meaningless list.
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By DMarley
I do not want my name to be associated with your ill-gotten list of deceased pilots and gullible pilots and other pilots that never gave you permission to use their good names. I demand you to remove MY GOOD NAME right away, Joe Faust!
Last edited by DMarley on Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:44 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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By BubbleBoy
Each time the fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is brought up I'm going to do that organization an favor. I'm going to remind those responsible to do the absolute best thing they could do for the promotion of their cause:

Please post a list of all HG flying sites in the US that have a requirement for pilots to hold ratings/certifications that now accept fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org ratings in lieu of the ratings previously required. Watching this list 'grow' (hahaha) will be both a measure of your actual progress/success and extremely helpful to pilots. (cue the moronic 'helpful to who and how?' crap from Red)

You want to do your organization some good? -- THAT'S the list that is important, not some fake BS list of 'rated' pilots (dead and alive, but not actually participating).

This has been a public service announcement/request

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By joefaust
1. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is not a club. See former post. Thanks.
2. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org is in the process of rating your public-presented hang gliding to a rating level.
3. fakeilst.torreyhawksforum.org will not be taking off a file about you. But if some public fact on the page is untrue, then please point such out for amends; thank you for your cooperation and GOOD wholesome attitude.
Last edited by joefaust on Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:21 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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By DMarley
How the hell do you believe that, by listing pilots who have no desire to be on your list, you are enamoring yourself to the HG populace? You are poisoning pilots to your cause.
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By DMarley
Tell ya what, Joe.
If you're gonna put out false information as you just did with my name on your fictitious list, please give me a rating of H-0, and oh yeah, PG-0. You had better delete my name.

The only reason why you are so bold as to put my name on your fictitious list when I told you not to is because you believe I am no where near you. It would be wise to reconsider your assumptions.
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By sg
You can take my name off the list too. This is sheer nonsense.
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