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By brian scharp
miraclepieco wrote:To establish my so-called 'expert status' I once resorted to a lengthy signature line bio. It seemed kind of conceited so I canceled it.
I will revive it for this post only (see below). When someone gets as many posts as I have XC miles...well, it still won't mean anything!
A lengthy signature line bio, in and of its self, won't preclude one from making false statements. And,
Hang Gliding since 1978
Former USHPA Master pilot, H-5 (resigned)
Special Skill Signoffs: XC, TUR, FSL, LO, CL, AWCL, RLF, FL, PL, T2
Former "Hang Gliding" magazine Staff Writer
Former USHPA Special Observer
Former President, RVHGA (USHPA Chapter)
Former President SOAR (USHPA Chapter)
Numerous USHPA Safety and Lillienthal Awards
Recipient USHPA Letter of Appreciation
Current US Hawks Master pilot
Former US Hawks Board of Directors
XC Distance Record Holder for numerous sites
Nine time winner, Southern Oregon Open XC Meet
First 50 Mile Flight in Southern Oregon
First 100 Mile Flight at Lakeview, Oregon
Winner of Meets too numerous to list
Opened and pioneered numerous sites
Flown over 150 sites throughout North America
Experienced with over 75 glider models
Experienced tandem pilot
Avid Atos enthusiast
Experienced with FLPHG
Experienced nanotrike builder and pilot
won't make left equal right any more than 11,000 posts will.
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By Stallpolicer
I've made about 30 flights during the past decade and probably over half of those flights are from small hills only getting my feet off the ground for a few moments.

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