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By WingedGringo
Greetings exalted hangies!

I sent an email to info@ushpa.aero, in an attempt to understand exactly WHY we are losing our club insurance, asking specifically if there are lawsuits pending against them (us). I was tickled to recieve a very prompt reply, but I am unable to find any info about litigation either past, present or future by following the advice I was offered, and before I pester them for more specific details I decided to ask you clowns, who are much wiser than I; specifically I am not finding the claims history mentioned below. Anybody?

Hi Ole,

Yes, USHPA and its members get sued periodically. I can't comment on pending lawsuits, except to say that they exist and we defend them as needed. If you review the FAQ and the linked information about claims history, you can see what proportion of the claims relate to different aspects of flight. It's safe to assume that if we weren't getting sued, we wouldn't be having problems retaining our insurance coverage.



I am member #33754, John Olson. I am hearing rumors among our membership that we (USHPA) are facing two or more active lawsuits as defendants. Can anyone there confirm or refute these rumors?

Thanks for your time and trouble and....

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By davisstraub
I told Ole to come here after he wrote to me about this. He is not up on what you have all been discussing forever. He just needs to be pointed in the right direction and now he has been.
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By NMERider
mgforbes wrote:...at least we're not the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Proof, if ever you needed it, that you can be sued for *anything*.
After he gets done suing the Met he will next move on to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their discrimination against people of color in this year's Academy Award nominations. Eventually he will come after USHPA for the same reasons. Can I please have my RRG donation back? We're screwed anyway. :roll: :lol:

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