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By kukailimoku
Luckily, the magic word is still rumors. I can't imagine it being an ex-Prez "residence". The airspace above is the least of the security messes. It's right on the water, it's right on the road (that would be a two-lane road that is packed one the weekends). John Q Public allowed to drive within feet of the property? That's a stretch.

Sure makes for great fun on the local news though!
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By kukailimoku
As suspected, much ado about nothing.

http://www.kitv.com/news/mystery-behind ... d/31910250

Come to think of it, isn't that becoming the definition of "news" these days?
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By AndRand
kukailimoku wrote:Come to think of it, isn't that becoming the definition of "news" these days?
So the news is - Obama is not the buyer? :rofl:
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By soar8hours
(POST DELETED - violation of google advertiser network)
By gluesniffer
Uh your pointy hats are starting to show. Crazy how peoples politics get so extreme the racism oozes out.

You guys are two people I hope to never fly with :cuss:
Same here. I found your ape analogy offensive.
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By Paul H
Racist bullshit? Really? That's pretty pathetic.
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By soar8hours
Don't fret about the rich or powerful screwing up a flying site. It's a way bigger problem than a house in Hawaii. The biggest problem is in DC at the White House! The Islamic movement is deep inside of our governments. Just check the current administration roster.

Eric Holder, Dianne Feinstein, Hillary & Nancy Pelosi are all political puppets, clowns, liars & butt kissers just like their boss. You can take your 7 million before being prez, and make it into 12 million on a $400K a year salary with $50k expenses not taxable in 6 years? Oh yeah, that difference was made up on book sales. I forgot. They are all in it for the money.
And I'll give you three guesses where they get it....and the first two don't count!

And like all politically correctness liberals
who think being a cyber cop online, that it is the new age thing to do, you are a cyber bully. Every one is on the race card band wagon. Always labeling others, pointing fingers and trying to surpress freedom of speech and other constitional rights.

Obama himself said the US Constitution was outdated. I don't like his socialism policies or his racist wife. Racism only works white towards black. When is the last time you saw a black person charged with a hate crime for killing a white? Where are the civil rights violations when blacks kill whites? Home invasions where three blacks kill an elderly white home owner? That's not racist? That's not a hate crime?

You ever seen Michele or the kids pledging to the US flag? And the early attempt to justify why Obama did not place his hand over his heart during the national anthem or wear a flag lapel pin because he did not want to offend anyone? Oh no, don't get me started! I know a crook when I see one. I see way to much media sensorship. Lots of folks will not say anything. They fear being attacked. But not me. I don't play that game. I am not hanging tight with anyone who says ISIS is not Islamic. Islamic State of Iraq & Syria. Excuse me.
If beheading and burning folks don't bother you, go ahead and be a sheeple. Since I know what a wolf looks like, I choose to be a sheep dog and not a sheep! So don't be ba ba ba ba ba-ing at me.
The national debt has doubled in 6 years. Obama says he is creating more jobs. But for who? Hispanics? Because the welfare, EBT & entitlement numbers are not subsiding.
And did you realize that Hispanic or Latino is not on the race list of the US Census Form? And whats up with no longer being illegal aliens and being called politically correct as undocumented? I went on the national social security website once and saw where it said even if you are not here legally, go ahead and sign up for you SS# so you can get your benefits. WTF?

The politically correct new agers are fools. They stand there and soak up the proprganda exactly like Germany did with Hitler. And are so dumb that when Obama finally did produce his fake birth certificate, it had African American on it ( a term that did not exist at his birth ) because the word negro was used when he was born.

I just saw tonight some comedians on SNL's opening skit and they are talking about blacks, Obama, MLK and it's all funny. Everyone was laughing. So where do you draw the line?
But OMG don't say nothing in a serious manner! Or you are involved in a modern day witch hunt.

And anyone who has an agenda against Israel and for the Palestinians is full of it too. Did you read how much American tax payers money was used in recent Israelis elections by the US to defeat Netanyahu so the country could be further divided?

And they tell us we come from monkeys but if you point our those who you think really did, then the evolutionist say you are a racist.

Believe what you want to. But I did not have monkey ancestors. Don't put no stupid ideas or labels on me. Everytime I turn around liberals want to pin slavery on me & others who had nothing to do with it!
Black history month, Black entertainment TV, Miss Black America and 19 other major black organizations.... how long could we get by with a white titled organization with whites only about anything? The real racist are running this country. And they are destroying America.

At the end of our national anthem it says
"Land of the free and home of the brave"
The free are the ones who enjoy what the brave have done to make and keep it so.

Islamic terrorist attacked America on 9-11 2001. Or are others to darn ignorant to remember that?
And I about bet you, driving down the road and looking in other media sources you don't find the US flag at most residences.
It's hard to find real patriots these days.

Obamas kids are surrounded by over a dozen armed guards at school. But our local elementary Schools are gun free zones. Well that's descrimination the way I see it. Some kids get protection while others do not. Just for the important kids huh? You know, the rich ones who escape military service... like Bill Clinton the draft dodger.

I'd like to see Obama and his supporters move to another country and screw it up for 8 years. Because lots of countries will not tolerate the Islamic fad that is sweeping America.
You can't search the woman with the berka
on at the airport but the others are not even considered by any religious reasons to be omitted. That's discrimination in my book too. Search some and select others you dont? I would not get on a plane with them.

Yes, Obama is bad news.
Forcing millions of working Americans to loose their health care and making them go with higher premiums!


And N. Pelosi... pass this bill and you will find out what's in it? Do you realize the magatude of that type of thinking?

Why don't these changers go to another country and institute their idiot ideas? Or why don't we hear about the other 400 countries on this planet in our sensored news? The UN is bad news right behind the Islamic terrorist. Everyone focusing on Israel. Hey how about creating a Palestinian state right across the borders of anew already muslim based country? Or why does a muslim want to come to America so badly?
Are they not happy in Arab territories?
Do they not want to be in Mecca?

Obama kept his butt out of France because he is a coward. He does not stand against the terrorist. He said last year ISIS was not a threat. He knew. You can't tell me US intelligence is that darn slack!

Go on usdebtclock.org and see the facts.
Half as many on welfare as taxpayers.
I don't buy into the government's or corporations modern day tax & fee programs who take take take & give to others. Share the wealth my butt. They have a hand in every pocket you own. Fracking chemicals in the ground water, coal ash in the streams & US oil being exported.

It's weird how others are blinded to the truth. Like the black muslim in Texas who
cut off the 54 year old white women's head and it being called workplace violence! What would they say if it had been the other way around? Racist hate crime!

And my favorite lie of all times:
Fossil fuels are crude oil, coal & natural gas that came from the decayed plants and animals. WTF?

If you really believe that then I would not even get out of bed in the morning! And not be concerned about anything the system has to offer. Next thing you know, you'll be
telling your shrink about being abducted by aliens who put a shiny long probe up you butt.

Politics directly or indirectly affect us all, even in the flying community. And I guess if your head is stuck in the sand then maybe you can claim that your evolution as an ostrich was to blame and you did not see the windsock. Let's start being politically correct and change the word whack to oops or ut-oh. Change is good. Right?
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By TomGalvin
I don't fly a flag at the house. I don't march in parades, or have a yellow ribbon on my car. I don't have a flag lapel pin. I don't care who you love, how you worship, or where your family came from. I am not offended when I am called a liberal. I do chuckle when people question your patriotism for not buying their brand of hate.

Semper Fi
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By Fletcher
Your post Post [Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:16 pm Post subject: bad news for the premier site.]
Made me really stop to think.
Am I at a Hang Glidiing forum or a KKK Rally?
Time for the IGNORE BUTTON !!!!!
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By HangDiver

You may disagree with the President - regardless of who is in office - I often do. But your rant is filled with racism, bigotry ( a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance) and hate. Racism, bigotry and hate are not American values. A great number of black AMERICAN men and women fought and died to protect your freedom. You are not an American patriot. Far from it. And it is people like you who cause people like me to not want to post to this site.

Ignore "SoarHATEhours"...... click!
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By Nicos
WTF soar8hours :(

This is totally the wrong place to share your racist hatred.
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By Enos
Don't often comment but have to add that the racist (not to mention tin foil hat wearing) rant in this thread is deplorable
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By sg
I absolutely hate Obama for numerous civil liberty violations and the 70% increase in my healthcare costs, but racist s---? Really?

Get that CRAP out of here. Its 2015, not 1930.

Last edited by sg on Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:50 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Tommy Thompson has been a known wacko-bird in the HG world for many years. Go back and read some of his letter-to-editor rants in the HG magazine from the late 80's - early 90's. Many of the local HG pilots that fly Saurtown, NC will have nothing to do with him and their stories don't paint a very pretty picture. Regardless of your politics, his racist rant on this thread should get him banned from the HG.Org. IMO.

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By soar8hours
Oh, this is about effecting the finances of many HG'r pilots.....

Obama's Affordable Health Care Act forced many who already had health care to be dropped and pay more under a market place plan! Do you think having less monthly each month is a plus or a negative for any flyers?

This year, 2015, many workers, retirees and for example those who are substitute teachers were forced to reduce their 5 day work week to 3 because you can't work over 30 hours or you are considered full time employee. Letters & phone calls to all county substitute teachers disclosed that anyone clocked in with over 3 days ( 24 hours ) would loose their current retirement benefits and be placed on a Market Place plan with a $5,000 deductible.

So when a flyers spouse suffers a reduction from 40 to 24 hours weekly
( hours cut almost in half )

Michele Obama's office made a call recently & had Rodner Figueroa fired recently for saying his mind. Thats really exercising the blunt force of power from
the oval office I would say.
But I don't have to fear for my job or worry about employer rebuttals from online statements because I am free from all of that. I don't have to brown nose, kiss butt or worry about my co-workers back stabbing me.

If I dislike a black president I am a racist.
So what am I if I dislike a white one?

Just because I don't like tuna does not mean I dislike all fish. I just dislike fish that smells or taste fishy. And there is a lot of fishy stink in D.C. I dislike.

"To announce there must be no criticism of the president or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally tresonable to the American public."

Theadore Roosevelt
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