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By sbrian2
Is it just me, or have other pilots witnessed more and more lousy, half-assed hang gliding instruction lately, from fairly new, I dunno, kinda "freelance" instructors? Their students are in over their heads, not learning basic skills before advancing... Dubious technique is taught as received wisdom... Hang-one's and two's look like they clearly need to go back to the training hill... Student-pilots are launched into turbulent conditions where they mush and cross control all the way to the LZ... Far-less-than-ideal slopes being used to train new students because the instructor has no other options and figures, hell, I'll just wing it, they probably won't hurt themselves... Etc., etc. etc.

Maybe it was just a bad couple of months.

I'm not talking about recent videos posted here, I'm talking about things I've personally witnessed over the last year or two. I've been flying since '96. (I'm not an instructor.)

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By AndRand
I don't think training at hill less than perfect is bad for the pilot - hills are not perfect in reality.
I don't think training in less than perfect wind conditions is bad for pilot - winds are not always perfect in reality.

And results in performing air maneuvres are decisive.
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By Dave Jacob
I've been impressed with the instruction I've seen around here. The techniques have improved immensely from when I learned in the early 80's as has the equipment. I think one thing that makes it look worse now is the abundance of in flight video cameras.
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By Odakyu-sen
Dave Jacob wrote: I think one thing that makes it look worse now is the abundance of in flight video cameras.
You mean like the way that dashboard cameras have made driving in Russia look worse (on YouTube) than it is in reality?
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By DBrose
i dunno about this one..maybe you referring to somebody in particular? kinda vague.
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By DAVE858
There is no such thing as a perfect student. There is no money in hang gliding instruction. There are not enough hang gliding instructors or schools...
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By wuffos
I've been in the sport since '75, and a part-time instructor since '84 and seen instruction quality vary widely. Usually, the older & more experienced the Instructor, the better the instruction. My $.02
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By hang53
while conditions and terrain and student are'nt perfect, i think most can agree that a student piot should be gradually introduced to more challenging conditions/gliders rather than doing like some who were taught by more sudden learn or die type of approach to to instruction ( ie: if you wanted to learn to swim they threw you into the deep end of the pool and said sink or swim). while there maybe shortage of quality intructors there should be no compromise on conditions/gliders and site when it comes to learning to fly a glider of any kind. people take lessons to learn how to do something safley istead of just buyimg all neccesary equipment and trying to learn it on their own.

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