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By dayhead
I just got the latest issue of the USHPA magazine. It mentions that two instructor pilots have had their ratings revoked.

This arouses my curiosity. Anyone here know why this happened?
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First I've heard of it.... did it say what region it was in?
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By SeeMarkFly
dayhead wrote:Anyone here know why this happened?
I know Brian (noman3) has been a bit loopy lately.
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By dayhead
OK, on page 15 "This Just In", it says that a Michael Jefferson is losing his instructor and both Tandem ratings.

Also Claude Fiset is losing his Instructor and Tandem ratings, as well as his P4 rating.

I'm guessing they did some unsafe and/or illegal stuff. I hadn't read anything about it, and since it's my understanding that rating revocation is a rare event it's gotten my curiosity up, although it ain't any of my business "inquiring minds want to know".
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By Rotor
i once went from a hang 4 with tandem 1 too a hang 2 with a tandem 1,,,after ushga heard i was still doing tandems they also took my tandem,,i bet im the only guy that has a hard card that says novice with tandem one? its expired now but i think i should frame it,,,,this all happend about 1989? :thumbsup: :ahh:
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By Spitfire
If you google his name you get:

http://www.malibusurfsidenews.com/stori ... 25004.html


http://www.malibutimes.com/articles/200 ... /news3.txt

If he's pissing off the local authorities no good for all of us LA pilots. It's the last thing we need.

EDIT: Just checked his website (uptimal.com)

On the homepage:
Paragliding flights are easier and safer than hanggliding (hang gliding) ....
:cuss: :cuss: :cuss:

Don't mean to stir up a debate (I have nothing against PG), but I hate this type of false negative marketing.
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By oshi
what Mike Jefferson?
i took 2 lessons with him in 08, then stopped because of work but he was a Great freaking teacher. What did he do?
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By Wing Man
I'm gonna do it...

Mike was taken down by the tyrannies of evil! He did break the rules and the official statements have been hidden as much as possible. If you know Mike and how to reach him you should reach out to him and try to offer some support and find out the truth!

A HG conspiracy between competing schools and the power that the upper levels of the USHPA leaders abuse.

I'm sure that there are now snipers and assassins on their way to take me out as I type the rest of this.

I, and those that know the truth, know that Mike Jeffersons lively hood was striped from him. He was given unfair and unreasonable punishment for breaking the rules. Ask him and ask anyone that knows, and you will find out that he stands no chance of getting his ratings back if he has to fight this fight on his own. He needs the help of the public eye, public opinion, and backing of those that are willing to stand for a just cause, if he is to win his ratings, and lively hood back.

Bluntly... Mike Jefferson was punished for becoming the #1 most successful HG school in the Bay Area. The opposing powers let Mike hang himself and when he did, they made it such a public spectacle that the "Sheep" followed and supported the unjust punishment without question.

This finally comes to the public forum after almost 1 yr... it goes to show how quiet and rushed things were by those that were the executors.

I will not argue any of this out on this forum. I encourage EVERYONE on this board to question the "Mike Jefferson" conspiracy and find out the truth on their own. Go underground, find out the truth, spread the word to more, once there is more knowledge and strength, we should make our actions known to the community and publicly demand reinstatement of his ratings, on this forum AND by letters (By each one of us) to the USHPA Regional directors and Executive board members.

Feel free to PM me and I will point you in the right direction. But this will be the last I speak of this on this forum until we are ready to put our plan into action.

The USHPA is supposed to be a NonProfit working for the members. If enough of us stand together then by definition things should be changed.
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By Marc Fink
It did seem a little unusual to publish these things--I've never seen anything like that before. What did Mike do exactly? Was this a tandem thing?

By Rcpilot
its a money thing and a reach around thing if you know what I mean .
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By Rotor
I'll stand up for Mike!! He's a all around great guy,,those that know him will agree...
By Rcpilot
Mike is just a trouble maker , he does stuff like this

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By Marc Fink
Ah--I remember reading about this somewhere in the past. It's a shame such an apparently good promoter of the sport had to loose his means of livelihood. The tandem thing is always touchy since it's an area that USHPA has some obligation to implement FAA regulations and the sport's school program I think would be devastated if the exemption were in jeopardy or worse. I know nothing of the past regarding this incident action--but I suspect there's more to the story than just the one incident since this is an extraordinary action.

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By SeeMarkFly
Wing Man wrote:This was done in good fun and promotions of the sport.
The USHpA sells insurance.
That is the only focus they have.
They lost two sales in this incident and are now "teaching that salesman" how to do it right.
Big business is bad business.

I have not given USHpA any money for years.
Mark Webber
aka. SeeMarkFly (on the ORG)
aka. Mr. USHPA SUCKS. (on Yahoo)
By noman3
yep mike got screwed and the people that screwed him suck!
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