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By sg
After months of being smeared and attacked by these two guys, after everyone else else let it go, they are still at it on the torrey hawks forum. Even the new hawks forum is a cesspool for revisionist character assassinations against some of the best volunteers in the hang gliding community.

Well ive had it. Ive been pushed too far and am now defending myself and fighting back. They expect me to take punch after punch without countering. No more. Enough is enough.

TO PREVENT this ugly nonsense from ruining the new peace and tranquility that has occurred on the org since then, no BobK/Scott drama will be allowed to spill over onto this forum. All such threads will simply be DELETED.

This site is off limits to their vile from now on. I will not allow their destructive vitriol to take down this forum as it has the new hawks forum. Their new forum is just a pile of disgusting lies and smears. They no longer need the old torrey forum so I have shut it down and posted a counter message in self defense. They will play the victim now and email everyone in the world. Cry me a river. When you keep punching someone in the face for months, dont cry when they finally hit you back.

I know for a fact Bob and Scott will NEVER let it go and will continue to attack me, John Wright, John Borton, and other HGAA members that voted them out. But I will not allow that to ruin this site as well.

If anyone has an issue with this, just walk out the door. Dont threaten it, dont announce it, just walk out. Any such political nonsense will be deleted. Just leave instead. The Bob/Scott drama stops at the door. They will not be invited back and are not authorized to access this server in any way.

Ive really enjoyed the new peace at the org. Its been a lot quieter and more fun here. Lets keep it that way.

PM me if you really want to make a statement.

(EDIT: all the PM's so far have been very supportive and positive, thanks guys! )

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By sg
I worry every time I see my PM notification, and then after I read it, just more and MORE support from everyone thanking me for getting rid of these people.

This community rules and is 100X better without them. THANK YOU ALL for your support. I really appreciate the flood of positive PM's. I expected only the people with an issue to PM and flame me. What a surprise when 100% of the PM's were positive instead

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By sg
Another morning... another basket of support PM's
Thank you, thank you all!
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