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My recent posting about keeping your hang rating on record has disappeared from this forum. It's not even in the "basement" section.

I didn't think it was offensive to anyone, but just information that could be useful to some pilots who don't need insurance. However, I have edited it to remove the "deaf ears" comment in case that offended someone at USHPA. I also removed the "silly names" comment in case it offended the moderator. And I removed some other comments that i thought might be offensive to the moderator. So, here is the reposting of the sanitized edited version:

If you want to keep your hang rating but you don’t need $150 per year USHPA insurance to fly your sites there are three options.

You can petition USHPA to change their rules and allow you to keep your ratings if you don’t need the $150 per year for insurance where you fly.

There are two other organizations which, if you send them a photo copy of your USHPA rating, even if it has already expired, will put you in their permanent data base of hang glider ratings, so that you keep your ratings. Remember, you could fly every day of your life but if you don’t maintain your USHPA membership for three years your rating will be purged from their records.

The moderator of this forum will not allow me to list these other organizations, so you will have to search for them.

One of these organizations require a membership but there are no dues. The other is a data base which not only doesn’t require membership but you couldn’t join it if you wanted to. It is just a national data base of hang ratings, no members.

I am not advocating quitting USHPA, I’m still current as member # 7 but if you don’t need the insurance, why pay $150 per year just to keep your hang rating on the books.

Look into it,
Frank Colver
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By sg
Post was reported as shilling for a banned member.

Rule being violated:
"* No proxying for banned members in any way."

Also, people who enter a private business and poke fun at the business owner should not be surprised when asked to leave or their bulletins removed.
I do NOT have time for this nonsense. When people are banned from this site for constantly causing drama, they do not get to continue pushing their agendas through proxies.

You dont have to take part on this site. Dont like a TV channel? Change it.

But stop posting stuff for banned members. It gets reported, people see right through it, and I dont have the time to deal with it.

Its well known that banned member strategize how to get their voice heard on the sites they are banned from. Sorry.... they are not entitled to other peoples property and bandwidth. Go talk about that stuff on the other forum. After all, they have their whole own forum to complain on.

Org users and traffic are on an uptrend. The tiny percentage of extremists who have run people off this site for far too long, will no longer be tolerated here.

If you continue to proxy for people, you will be asked to leave.


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