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Who are the many people who invented modern hang gliders?
See this filing in 1961 that covered invention of aircraft on point:
http://www.google.com/patents?id=HP5wAA ... gallo+1961
Recall that the invention claims are written, not drawn; drawings are often a minor cut of the unverse covered in the written claims. And explore the years of used invention prior to the shown.
Here is a 1962 item that had been worked on and used prior to 1962 by years.
http://tinyurl.com/6aj4b2 :thumbsup:
And visit also:

This is just one of hundreds of bits of invention prior to April 23, 1963, that pertain to the story and questions.

Modern hang gliders were made and used prior to 1963. There are false claims being promoted by one guy for one guy. Actually, by 1909, mechanicals in whole that are being used in the false claims were extant.
Have fun studying the matter.
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Explore the guy who designed, made, and flew the following pictured craft. He, in 1960-1962 employed inventions of others to be one of the first to fly a Rogallo wing hang glider.  By end of 1962 there were over 12 people who had hang glided from stiffenend Rogallo wing hang gliders in several formats and styles of launching and with several control systems.  Bless yourself by getting the full story. Distinguish meta claims that are false; yes, savor facts, but watch out for the giant  grab of unmerited status.   
Did you know that the triangle control bar cable-stayed in the most simple format as we know today was made, used, and demonstrated in a gliding club in 1909? Yes.
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