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By ChattaroyMan
On the 'sight' end I firmly believe more people would take up our sports if we were more visible to them. In an small way I hope to help promote our sports with State hang and para stickers I'm creating. Currently I'm working on Utah and through the comments of Facebook users on the UHGPGA flying group's Facebook page I'm compiled a listing of site names to try and include on the sticker. I'm very likely going to need to pare these down as there are more than 60!
We all know, or should know, that each flying site/location has its own unique access qualifications and use sensitivities. Just because a site is on a list does not mean that it is a 'drive up and fly' site. All pilots when visiting a new site need to be in close touch with those who regularly fly the site. Some sites that are flown do not make the list I put on a state's sticker due to sensitivities of site access - for all sorts of reasons. Also, access to sites comes and goes - more often than we'd like (at least on the 'goes' end of things). So, here's my list of over 60 locations in Utah that I have. I'd like some input on whether they sites are hang only or para only, spelling corrections, whether any particular one should be in a list, etc. Since I won't be able to stick 60 site names on a sticker I'll need to pare the list down to 40-50 names. Thanks in advance for any input :)

The list is alphabetical to help find locations ....

12 Minute
Alunite Ridge
Big Baldy
Big Beacon
Black Mountain
Brian Head Peak
Broken Arrow Ridge
Camels Pass
Cove Mountain
Edna Peak
Fire Hazard
Fish Lake High Top
Francis Peak
Frisco Peak
Gold Gulch
Graff Point
Grandeur Peak
Hancock-Koosherem Reservoir
Hell Hole
Hepler's Ridge
Horse Heaven
Ibapah Peak
Jedi Jump
Lake Mountain
Little Baldy
Monroe Peak
Mt Abajo
Mt Nebo
Mt Olympus
Mt Peale
Need For Speed
Point of the Mountain
Poverty Ridge
Powell Point
Red Cliffs
Revenue Ridge
Short Divide
Stockton Bar
Strawberry Reservoir
Temple Baldy
The B
The C
The H
The Ranch
The Strip
The V
Uranium Ridge
West Mountain
Willard Peak
Y Mountain

By cheesehead
Good God, UT has ~60 sites?! I am painfully unaware if such a plethora of sites exists in any state I've lived in--and that includes CA and CO. A lot of those must be hike-and-fly PG sites. Quite a few of those popped up in CA when PG boomed.
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By red
ChattaroyMan wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:05 am
Check this out:
http://issuu-download.tiny-tools.com/pa ... 29-20ec784 (disabled)

Better not. Norton blocked that site for me, and whatever it tried to do here.
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By Rebardan
works fine for me. looked like a magazine article.
I cant understand why we dont hear of more long HG flights coming out of Utah.
Red, why arent you and the tribe out there knocking off hundred milers on the weekends?
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By red
Rebardan wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:39 pm
I cant understand why we dont hear of more long HG flights coming out of Utah. Red, why arent you and the tribe out there knocking off hundred milers on the weekends?

We do have the Utah Cup Challenge here, and typically it takes a 100+ mile flight to have any chance at it. I love altitude, not mileage, so for any flight near 17,999' MSL, I'm a happy camper. I'm far from the best HG pilot around here, so I just fly for the scenery and the fun.

"Landing out" here can be life-or-death, no joke, and you can easily be landing forty miles from nowhere. I'm a disabled vet - I can't take chances on a bum leg now; a re-injury out there could ruin my day. I will burn off a mile of altitude at the end of a day, if needed, to land near civilization. SPOT or similar gadgetry would not be much help against a coyote pack, or a big mountain cat. Once, just walking back from launch (it was my day to drive), I found the paw print of a mountain lion inside my own shoe-print. I was being stalked, by a certified man-killer. Got back to the truck okay; never saw the big cat, though. The University naturalists tell me that mountain lions here will roll around in the dust before hunting, so their coloration exactly matches the local landscape. If you try to run for the truck, they will know you are defenseless, and they will pounce immediately. Walk calmly, my friend.

I mean, yeah, they told me this HG stuff was kinda dangerous . . . :lol:
Not as young as I used to be, that's a fact, but I've sure had big fun along the way. 8)
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