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I received this notice from Mission Soaring in California:

USHPA Instructor Training Program: May 5 - 7 WHO - Hang glider pilots who are H3 and above - for pilots who want to share their sport by teaching others or this training is also for pilots who want to become better pilots.
WHAT - There are 3 steps to becoming a Hang Gliding Instructor:

complete the Instructor Training Program,
complete an apprenticeship,
pass the Instructor Evaluation Clinic.

This class is step #1. Three days of instruction with Pat Denevan. Learn effective teaching techniques: what to look for when evaluating a student pilot; how to work with students in a safe, positive, constructive manner to bring out the best in students; and how to define next steps to keep students moving ahead. As part of the class, you will receive the USHPA Instructors Manual. We will be using this manual - it is a 'must read' for passing the test.
WHERE - We'll start with an overview at the shop in Milpitas and then we'll spend a couple of days out at the training site in Tres Pinos. The class will conclude with the USHPA Instructor Training Exam.
WHEN - Friday, Saturday, Sunday: May 5, 6 & 7, 2017

Call and reserve your spot: mission@hang-gliding.com 408-262-1055

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