This forum is dedicated to discussions on how to grow the sport of hang gliding. We will take a methodical approach to collect data and come up with implementable ideas on how to increase our numbers. This includes effective marketing, lead generation, site access issues, improving regulations, lack of instructors, lack of sites, etc

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By ChattaroyMan
http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2015/n ... r-gliders/

Only part that may not be factual is the mention of a hang fatality at Maryhill State Park. We're trying to figure out the facts. Right now the odds are it was a mini-wing para pilot who may not have launched from inside the park. Sad deal anyway but the hang/para confusion leads to all sorts of problems. One likely being why we're having to change the WAC causing our main Steptoe issue (Washington Administrative Code).

I'm beginning to write a fun story on 'To Hang Or To Para?' targeted to those who don't know one from the other. I'll submit it to local news outfits and see what happens.

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By mario
Thanks for doing the hard work Steve!
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By ChattaroyMan
NMERider wrote:Good work. Media relations are good to have. :thumbsup:
mario wrote:Thanks for doing the hard work Steve!
Thanks! It's fun to do and it really pays off.
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