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Our fabulous, phenomenal Mara Landing Field on Shushwap River at the south end of Mara Lake may be Sold. - Our worst nightmare.
95 acres of farmland with approximately 1/2 mile of Shuswap River water frontage in the North Okanagan, British Columbia Canada.
http://www.royallepage.ca/en/property/b ... s10095416/


If you have not landed there 5:00 PM or so yet get it off your bucket list and put it in on your priority list while you can.

It is FAMOUS for its Cream Cheese Air during evening glass offs. Wonderfully smooth the rest of the day too! 8)
Site Guide: http://www.flyok.ca/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=137

Anyone rich around here with loose change readily available? We need to beat the competition by getting an offer in first.
We are desperately hoping a pilot will buy the LZ and turn it into another Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch (GEAR) Flight Park.

Sicamous is in dire, dire need of a good Waterfront RV Park and Campground.
The only alternative is a NOISY (smack dab beside the highway) DUST BOWL otherwise covered in blazing hot pavement.
No trees, no amenities beyond basics. It was owned by BC Parks.
- They dumped it as there was no way to bring it up to BC Parks standards.
- It was an embarrassment to have BC Parks name on it.

Pat Duggan the real estate agent ran into me in Vernon the other day.

Randy Rauck, owner of Freedom Flight Park is going to negotiate for us - looking after our interests.
He a Licensed Realtor at Century 21 Excellence Realty in Lumby: http://www.century21.ca/randy.rauck

Pat Duggan of Royal Lapage Realty has an offer on the way in for the Mara Landing Field.

Unlike the previous owners, this one is a serious farmer / horse person.

There is no house on the property, so 50% down-payment makes it uneconomical to farm for farmers that want minimum down-payment and maximum mortgage to write off.

The new owner is most likely to cut the field up into fenced-in horse pasture.

Three pilots have considered buying it. All nixed for valid reasons. (Others have been hit up to no avail.)
One, a farmer, really needs extra farm land but this particular field is not suitable for farming. Intensive or otherwise.
It is a flood plane, with springs in the middle of the field that you could lose a tractor in - in summer dry spells.

The Regional District of the North Okanagan is considering, at some distant time, buying it for a Regional Park (It's that good!)
- we have permission to land and kite in all RDNO parks... but only in a year when they have sufficient funds left over year end.
- And that is NOT this year, as they are putting in a high end multi-use sports field at Okanagan University College here.


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By Cloudhopper
How much we talkin' about roughly?\
By once&future
Cloudhopper wrote:How much we talkin' about roughly?\
Following the links provided looks like ~800K CAD or $600K US asking price.
main page of the .org

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