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By hgflyer
Andrew Vanis wrote:Ask Kent Robinson in Dallas. Last time I talked to him he had a lead on some good stuff he just installed on his winch.

He's a member here but no Idea what his username in on here.

I just got my roll of 5k!

Sorry Kent! Go Cardinals!


Thanks Kent for your Guidance and support! I owe, I owe, so there I go....

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By latunatexx
Hey Hgflyer, if you need a fat guy with a huge F225, to test out that new line of yours, I'm your guy :wink:
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By waveview
Has anyone tried using 3mm or 1/8th inch 8 plait polyester curtain cord (parachute/bootlaces cord) for static line towing? It looks to have a 550lbs breaking strain, good abrasion resistance and it is only about $45 for a 3000 ft spool.

Even if the rope only last for 20 tows that's about $2.25 per tow.
By blindrodie
IMHO that's not strong enough and it has too much stretch.

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By TjW
Bob Loudermilk and I towed using 3/16 inch polyprop hollow braid. It let us get an enormous amount on the reel. It broke a lot, though. Fortunately, the hollow braid was easy to splice.

We were towing off the dry lake, so we weren't going for spectacular climb rates.
By blindrodie
3/8's poly has worked for us here in the flatland's for 30 years. We use a wide reel. YMMV!

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By AlaskanNewb
This all depends on what type of towing the OP is planning on.

I run a payout winch. Poly works great for that.
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