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By jrav8
The previous comment of switching to Paragliding would be the best option. If you already fly HG, switching aircraft is extremely easy. Then you won't break your back carrying the HG up a mtn. Of course you could spend a year in the gym working out to gain the muscle mass needed to carry the HG. Then of course you will need to buy another larger HG to carry your extra weight.

By cericson01
It sure would be nice if a glider came along that was light enough to hike with, it would sure open up some awesome flying sites!! Maybe some day...
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By TomGalvin
jrav8 wrote:Of course you could spend a year in the gym working out to gain the muscle mass needed to carry the HG.

That's the worst thing you could do to prepare for hiking hang gliders. It is endurance that you need, not power. Just start with short carries and work your way up to longer distances.
By hawk123
wills wing falcon short pack
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By J Fritsche
"Hiking" a few hundred feet, even uphill, with a hang glider isn't so bad, but that's about the most that the vast majority of pilots will consider. The guy earlier on this thread that claimed 3 miles with 2000 feet of vertical is a freak; no one does that with a hang glider, harness, and accessories. Paragliders do so pretty regularly, though.
But I'm talking about HIKING here, and you said "mountaineering" and "rock climbing," and those activities involve steep, rough routes, a balancing act, the nimble use of hands and feet, and technical gear. The bulk and weight of even a paraglider is going to make mountaineering unpleasant and real rock climbing probably impossible.
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By joefaust
Project and family of pilot-carriable pilot-hikable city-busable carriable hang gliders: BusWing (tm) from Omega Hang Gliders is an open project for all to grow. Solutions are not launched yet.

In the posts in this thread, it sounds like several of us would be contributors to the BusWing (tm) development project. Target is to use special construction tactics to get a handy pack that competes well with the PG hike solution.

Deep use of carbon fiber, tensairity, extensibles, space framing, etc. can become portions of some solutions. The project will grow in the wiki of our group here at HangGliding.org in partial honor of the growth of Hang Gliding Association of America. The unfolding era of hang gliding definitely will include handy busable hikeable hang gliders that are not PGs.

http://www.hangglidingassociationofamer ... ki/BusWing
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By TomGalvin
J Fritsche wrote:The guy earlier on this thread that claimed 3 miles with 2000 feet of vertical is a freak; no one does that with a hang glider, harness, and accessories.
Well to most of the population, just flying a hang glider makes you a freak.
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By Clamb
Hi Azz. Realisticly, I'd suggest Paragliding. I don't know all that much about Rock-Climbing, but I'd imagine that you could put that Paragliding pack over your rock climbing harness and climb all you want.. Then at the top of the mountain, unpack it, launch yourself off the cliff. It's never bad to take a few lessons and go to the dark side for a while if you have the time and money. :lol:
It's just a bit bulky..
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By dayhead
cericson01 wrote:It sure would be nice if a glider came along that was light enough to hike with, it would sure open up some awesome flying sites!! Maybe some day...
It's only a matter of time. Who knows what we'll be able to do once we get a handle on the nano-tubes thing.

An inflatable HG is what it will take to compete with the PG in the area of portability. The 'Whoopy' is an example of the current thinking on how to make one. If this avenue is pursued enough, we could hope to see a practical glider, one that may just be the 'missing link' between HG and PG.
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By Erik Boehm
as long as the path isn't too rough, there are some very light carts that pack up real small that are great for carrying your glider.

When I fly from Uetliberg, I have to hike the glider 0.6 miles from the train stop to the takeoff.

Though there is no net climb, its up and down at times.

Wheels wont work for rock climbing, but they do work wonders for a launch site that is a ways away from access by some sort of motorized transport
By blindrodie
I think I read where Davis Straub used a pack-up 2 wheeler, stored in the wing of his VR when he was flying for distance records in Zapata where there was a good possibility of a long walk out behind locked gates.

I'm guessing it was part of his calculated ballast. 8)
noman3 wrote:
TomGalvin wrote:I hike with regular packed length gliders a fair bit. My personal limit is about 3 miles and no more than 2000 feet elevation gain, and most pilots think I am crazy for even going even half that distance.

I would like to have one of these though.

http://www.finsterwalder-charly.de/html ... rachen.php

holy jumpin sheep shitt batman,you are a monster sir!!!!!Keithster is our local iron man,hes a monster to!.Id cough up a lung or two before i could do that.You have got my salute to. :shock:
But, does he kill a rattlesnake along the way like Josh?

Probably not... :)
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By ChattaroyMan
I believe for time sake paras are the answer. But, I'm 58 and in OK but not fantastic shape. I know I'll be carrying a Falcon or a Sport into some location that will be measureed in miles and 2,000+ feet of elevation. I likely won't be doing this all in one day. I have hiked into places like this before back in the late 70s - early 80s. One of my main itches to fly is to fly cool places. Many of those places do not have roads. So, I'll just take my sweet arse time - glider in first and come back another day with the harness to fly. That way I can best pick the weather and only have a harness/chute to contend with. The best part is not having to carry any of it back down - it carries you. I'm going to do this - I have no doubt. It may take me even more than a day to get the glider in. I'll just hope that it doesn't get chewed up by critters if I have to leave the glider. It didn't when I did it in the past.

Heck, it would even be fun to do this with a group of pilots. Carry a glider in per two people and come back down for the other. Again, it is all about taking one's time + having the desire to fly a cool place that you couldn't fly from any other way. Would you do it every weekend - nope. Once or twice a summer would be cool though.
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By Piterowy
Okay, this reply won't provide any new ideas regarding portable glider, but when I saw this video - a guy is doing some serious hiking with his glider - i felt very much encouraged that it's possible. I think the glider this guy is carrying is medium packed, but I might be wrong.
I've been researching the topic of hike-able gliders for quite a while, Findeswalter seems one of the best options but set up time from a short pack might be a bit painful. My personal take would be - use a small, fold-able cart, pack your glider medium length, use a light harness and off you go; maybe not for a climb but you could definitely do a long hike :)

Since I can't post video links yet, here's the title of this youtube video: Coupe Icare 2013 : un deltiste à la Dent de Crolles...

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By zamuro
brian scharp wrote:

Nice !! :thumbsup:
By Comet
boarini2003 wrote:I hate myself for saying this, but if mountaineering is your thing, learn to paraglide. They even have extra light paragliders built for that purpose. You can hike a hang glider, but for real mountaineering a paraglider is the only option of you want to fly.
Have you not heard of Didier Favre, the originator of "bivouac flying?" His articles in Cross Country magazine are legendary. He flew the entire 1000 km length of the Alps only "by foot or flight" with a full-sized hang glider. Slept inside his double surface at night. Hiked to the mountaintops the next morning to begin the next leg.
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By waltspoint
Ah, handgliders! A subject of which I am fond. I recommend scouring Craigslist and garage sales until you find a dude selling his Teetoo. Excellent beginner gliders after they've been broken in by the experts. And portable too, as long as you are as strong as Chuck Norris!
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