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Here's the video of last weekend's AHGPC (Auckland Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club) ridge race. We held at at Kariotahi Beach, on the west coast, south of Auckland, New Zealand. It's the start of the flying season, and I wanted to get the pilots off their couches and into the air.

For This Wanker U-S Pilot. Kariotahi is where my Ridge soaring began. For my First Flying from a Ridge was when I was down in New Zealand Back in December-January 1991 flying a Moyes Mars. Great Fun, Kiwi Pilots were great People! I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed my self. Thanks Geoff, Thanks Glenn. New Zealand, What a Country! What a great group of people! I could go on and on. So why don't you find out for yourself? Yes, head on down there say this Winter. Winter here in the U-S. But it will be Summer down there.

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