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By NMERider
Part of my ongoing series of new edits of interesting old footage. This flight was done as a guest of another Org member, rebardan. We both ran into different difficulties and got separated from the start. Dan flew twice as far as me and our poor driver had a bad radio, bad cell reception and little idea of how this was supposed to work. In the end it turned out a fun adventure for everyone. This edit is short and sweet for a 3-hr, 58-mile scenic flight.
Enjoy & fly safe!

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By DMarley
Oh, those damned tigers and their tiger songs, beckoning you ever closer....!

... and threading the needle.... dang!
Those are called trees?!?! More like wanna-be trees. Or shrubbery. Silly knights. Ni!

uh oh..... you edited a vid.... and posted it. You know that trap. Next you'll be editing new vids.
What will we to do then?! Watch them?
DMarley wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:47 pm
Oh, those damned tigers and their tiger songs, beckoning you ever closer....!...
Me thermalling in the desert.....

Unfortunately, I have been too sick to fly worth a damn for a long time now and have missed many fantastic days of record flights in SoCal. No end in sight so when I'm feeling down I look for decent footage that needs to be edited or improved. Alas...
DMarley wrote:
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:09 pm
Are you still walking and exercising?
You are correct about that child's book illustration. I prefer thermals that have melted into butter rather than tigers.
I have stopped all activity for 6 weeks or so due to shitty health. The few flights I've had were all awful. Hopefully, the doxycycline works and I can at least fly my Falcon and enjoy it come Friday. I have my big skids to land on if I'm really lame.

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