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2018.03.12 - Crestline - Billboard - Keller Peak - Crafton Hills - Seven Oaks Dam - Harrison Mountain - R Mountain - Glen Helen Amphitheater. 81km optimized distance. I bailed out between the dam and Harrison. Flew w/ two other pilots. One landed out near me and another made it home but unable to complete the task. It was a good day and a huge challenge. I edited the 2-1/2 hours flight down to an hour. Any one interested in learning more about flying X/C at Crestline may pick up some useful information from this. FYI - Before flying X/C on a hang glider around Crestline please first walk some bailout LZs unless you are already an accomplished X/C pilot who is familiar with the types of landing hazards we have around SoCal.
Thanks! JD
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2018-03-12 Crestline Task JD + BB + GA.kml.jpg
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DAVE 858 wrote:
Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:36 pm
That was pretty scary. Looked like you were pushing your limits a few times there. Great video! Definitely was a nail biter.
Glad you got your money's worth watching. It's almost comical how in spite of two massive f-ups, I caught up with one pilot and came very close to catching the other. Our previous race involved several even bigger errors and resulted in me finishing the task while the other pilot ran out of time before the day shut down. I need to fly a lot more task practice to overcome the distraction and influence of trying to out-distance my opponent(s) and get into the habit of flying by strategy and methodology rather than acting like I'm at the drag strip. Having the camera and microphone on board is an added distraction that also doesn't help my cause so I have to alternate with flying without any media recording. Another key mistake was not having my Clif Blocks energy chews where I could easily get at them. Sucking or chewing on those helps me relax and focus.
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