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By ChattaroyMan
Had a good year of flying :) !
For being a Washington hang glider pilot you’d think I’d have flown some of the state’s (and even the world’s) best sites located here. But, I’ve only ventured west of the Columbia River to do some pioneering and exploring (Flagstaff Mtn, Franson Peak, Little Vulcan Mtn, Mt Leona, Slim Pickens, Pothole Canyon and Boot Mtn – all N of Chelan and W of the Columbia River). I’ve yet to fly world famous Chelan Butte due to my eagerness to rather be pioneering new sites or trying out sites not flown since - who knows when??? This September I finally flew on the west side of the Cascades with west side local pilot Jimmy Culler. We flew both Black Mtn and Penthouse (near Mt Baker and Whitehorse Mtn respectively). Wow! Those two sites are awesome! While the snow falls this AM I finally got around to crunching my GoPro video from flying Black Mtn and put together a movie. Hope you enjoy it! Spectacular views! Maybe I’ll get around to flying Chelan, Dog Mtn, Blanchard and Rampart in 2018 :) Black Mountain is located darn close to British Columbia. I wasn’t sure just how close so I did not venture far to the north along the ridge we flew. Too bad countries are not colored like they are on maps ;-)

Here are the flight’s stats:

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By ChattaroyMan
Charlie Romeo wrote:
Fri Dec 29, 2017 9:32 pm
Beautiful views, nice edit Steve,sometimes you don"t need music,is that an ipad on the speedbar?
Thanks for the comments :)
It's an iPhone 6+ - I mainly use it for photos or to zap out a text.
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By ChattaroyMan
Wonder Boy wrote:
Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:28 pm
Need to make a trip over there, looks like great site.
I would definitely like to fly it again. Might try the larger LZ in the future if I don't have good wind indication for the smaller LZ at the park. The park LZ is surrounded by fairly tall trees which add some concerns about wind direction and speed at ground level. It also slopes uphill to the NW so .... you pretty much have to come in from the S or E (roughly). In the Google Earth screenshot the distance from the N end of the northern most barn to where I landed (the X) is about 350'. There are power lines between the barns. The X area is mowed. Further up the NW portion of this meadow is taller grass. I came in as low over the barns I thought prudent considering using the drag chute. I may have landed in a very slight tailwind. Next time I'll look over an approach from the E in light/variable conditions (blue arrow direction). It's not a site where you can expect LZ conditions to be similar to launch conditions. If it's windy at LZ level I'm pretty sure I'd choose the larger, more open LZ to the NW of this LZ. Decisions, decisions :)
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