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By SeeMarkFly
I hang this from the rear view mirror in December. Santa delivers via hang glider in Lakeview!
Black Cap, Lakeview
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By TjW
Very nice.
I used to worry about Santa not keeping up with the technology, flying those old standards.
But then I realized his sleigh and eight tiny reindeer was a little retro, too, and yet the performance was good enough for worldwide overnight delivery.
Merry Christmas.
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By magentabluesky
It is is a Wonderful Life.

I would like to thank all the George Baileys out there. Thank you Frank, thank you Joe. Ryan are to good to mot be working at the Savings and Loan. I am thankful for all the little elves around the world who make our angel wings.

If you fly, we are all family, brothers and sisters of the sky.

Merry Christmas.
By blindrodie
Merry Christmas to all around the world and Peace to you and your family. Thanks to those that have gone before me, for they showed me the way. I hope for a safe and happy new year!

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