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By blindrodie
Nice Dave. I see you've learned how to "hand" glide as well. We use to fly our Dickinson Standard wings back up the bunny hill that way.

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By Odakyu-sen
Here's my video from last weekend. With Christmas coming up, the beaches are jam packed on the weekends, with this hot weather we have been having lately.

Finding a landing spot can be tricky!
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By rickl1
This is the same day we flew together at Cape Lookout , Oregon coast.
Awesome day at Cape Lookout. I launched right after Dave at around 1:45 and landed 2.5+ hours later at 4:20pm. It was the highest Cape Lookout flight I've ever had. Maximum altitude gain between 3,000 to 3,300ft AGL/MSL (900 to 1000M). Six satisfied hangs (Dave P, Ray B, Neil C, Ken D, Craig D and myself) packed up after sunset with a big :-) faces. Thanks to all the outcome of accurate forecast predictions. Congrats to Dave who drove the distance in getting his first Cape Lookout (Epic) flight.

12 minute version:

2.5 minute Shorter version:

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