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By Rick M
I finally got around to piecing together a video from the Midwest 2017 comp held in June this year.


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By Lucky_Chevy
That was a good time. Who knew the flying in Wisconsin was any good. Thanks for posting.

By blindrodie
I am MISSING so much........

Thanks for the show. So bittersweet for me.

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By Rick M
What I really liked about flying XC in this area was that there were so many places to land that you never really had to put much thought into worrying if you had an LZ on glide. You could simply focus on flying and finding the next thermal. You could be down to 500' AGL and you usually still had three fields you could land in.

But it's my understanding it's not always the case there. Apparently it was a really wet spring in the area so many of the fields weren't planted yet (early June). I guess it a more typical year, there would have been fewer LZs.

It was also quite different for me. I learned to fly in Colorado and I do most of my flying at mountains sites. Aerotowing and flying in the flatlands is a very different experience.
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By Rick M
Dan, Looking forward to it. Between Quest and Big Spring (and maybe SCFR), I'm hoping the same.

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