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By NMERider
Windlord wrote:
Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:12 pm
Very nice Jonathan and congrats on the new Sport 2. :thumbsup:
Good to see some greenery on the hillsides without any fires. Not so here.
Thanks Walt. We were very lucky to get some rain showers about the same time that numerous fires were being fought. Several local pilots' home were in harm's way but fortunately were spared. The ash and stench from the smoke really burned my eyes and nose as I drove past. These pilots and family live right there. 8 major fires in the vicinity of Crestline were all set by one arsonist with an already extensive criminal history. I flew close in to one major burn site yesterday while digging out.
In examining the video of my new Sport 2 I noticed that the visible battens were all way too loose so I tightened everything up on launch yesterday and now the sail sets correctly in flight and the handling is where it should be. I'll eventually edit the video.

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