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By pec1985
Testing a new camera mount. It's just an old batten with a GoPro attached to the tip, then the other end duct taped to the front keel tube. It wobbles and wiggles.

But the view is cool

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By pec1985
This is the mount:
52351156893__625D06BD-5A6F-4FA3-8F90-EB7F022CBCE3.JPG (44.68 KiB) Viewed 1117 times
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By Windlord
Maybe shorten the rib a little or cram a dowel into it to keep it from flexing so much.
The attachment portion could be more solid?
Very clean setup though. :thumbsup:
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By raquo
Try putting a line between the camera and where you're holding it with your hand, it will reduce wobbling at least in one direction. For this to be effective the line needs to be tensioned, perhaps to the extent that the batten is slightly bent due to tension. But not too much, you don't want permanent deformation.

This line can also double as a safety leash for the camera.

Disclaimer: tensioning a line like that will put additional load on the batten, it might buckle under less load that way.
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By Nicos
Love that angle!

Could always add a sleeve to the straight bit. Or fill it with carbon fibre..
Getting a smaller/lighter camera like a Mobius (super cheap but quite good) will help no end.

Man, a 2-axis gimbal from that angle would rock out bigtime!
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